Manbij – On Demographic Change policies by YPG/SDF – Statement by Manbij Council of Revolution’s Trustees

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The city of Manbij and its countryside are today being subjected to critical junctures in all areas.

On the 17th March 2016 the Democratic Union Party (PYD) had declared from the city of al-Romailan the establishment of the federal partitioning system in the areas that it controls by force in North Syria, the matter which provoked waves of rejection from the revolutionaries and regional and international powers. Yet today, here are the forces of “Qasd” – the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) – declaring their occupation of the city of Manbij on the 12th of August 2016 with the help of the forces of the International Coalition and an eerie international silence and clear collusion which resembles a green light to the militias of “Qasd”/SDF, wherein the Assad regime and its allies attempt to conquer the will of the Syrian people in their entire ethnic and religious spectra, and subjugate their determination and pursuit for freedom and the right of common living between all Syrians.

ٍٍSubsequently, and proceeding from our values as Syrian citizens and the values of our revolution with its fundamental parameters and principles from which it was launched, including bringing the downfall of the regime and the preservation of the unity of the land and the people – we in the revolutionary institutions in Manbij and its countryside affirm the following:

1- Calling upon the wise from our sibling Kurds including civilians and politicians as well as our sibling Kurds in the Free Syrian Army, to disown”Qasd’s”/SDF’s declaration of the occupation of Manbij and rejecting this occupation and everything that follows from it from ramifications which aim to target the unity of Syria land and people.

2 – Working on a sustained basis on permanent coordination with the field forces that face “Qasd”/SDF and its occupation of Manbij. The only authority that represents us is the Free Syrian Army.

3 – The Independence Flag is the flag which groups Syrians.

4- We demand all world countries and the International Coalition and the Syrian opposition forces and human rights organisations to bear their moral and humanitarian responsibilities by not targeting civilians under the excuse of destroying ISIS and what accompanies this from a systematic policy of extermination by the gangs of the PYD through expulsion, killing , forced displacement and demographic change in Manbij (especially after its full occupation), has taken place in the villages of Al-Sheyookh and Sarryn, and is currently taking place in the villages of Shash al-Bobanah, Khaled, Al-Qashlah, Al-Sa’adeen, Khorbet-Tweiny, Mahsheyat al-Sheikh and Zamanah, all which serve as clear proof of the systematic nature of this policy.

Based on the above – we the Council of the Revolution’s Trustees in Manbij and its Countryside – civilians and soldiers and families of the martyrs and wounded and detainees, reject completely returning to Manbij whilst under the rule of the “Qasd”/SDF separatist gang, which has violated and usurped our land and plundered our possessions and assailed our honours, unless this gang exits from our land, and it will exit voluntarily or with the force of arms. And we tell our people and families: You will return to your homes dignified and honoured with your heads held high under the banner of our revolution and the leadership of the Free Syrian Army, no matter how long or short the passage of time may be. And war is a protracted debate. If “Qasd” is victorious in a battle it will not win the war, for we represent the broad people and posses the glaring right.

Death to the Assadist Daeshi scorpions in Black
Death to the Assadist Daeshi scorpions in Yellow

Long live Syria free and dignified

The Council of the Revolution’s Trustees in Manbij and its Countryside



Manbij siege by US-led International Coalition and SDF becoming a humanitarian catastrophe

Statement issued from the Political Committee in the City of Manbij
“No to the killing of civilians in Manbij”

With the continuation of battles between the sides of the conflict (Syrian Democratic Forces and the Daesh organisation) in the city of Manbij, and which started from 31-5-2016, the suffering of the civilian population increases day after day, whereby talking about the essential necessities for the population from food and medicine is no longer enough to balance against the ghost of death that has come to threaten the old and the women and the children who have been besieged and indeed taken by the Daesh organisation as human shields, and that as a consequence of the siege which has been imposed by the [International] Coalition forces cordoning off the city from its four directions. The Syrian Democratic Forces were able to enter to a number of the city’s neighbourhoods, the matter which has transformed the battle to street fighting which has made the civilians easy prey to all forms of death (Coalition planes – Predating snipers on roofs and inside houses – the mines that were planted by the Daesh organisation in the streets and the paths and the public places), and in the midst of this tragic reality most citizens have now become unable to find a safe haven that prevents from them [i.e. shields them from] the shells and missiles of death which they don’t know at which moment can fall above their heads, to add to that the city has [already] witnessed many cases where no one was able to recover and remove the bodies of the dead from the streets due to the fear of being abruptly killed.

The Political Committee in Manbij has already previously implored – and from the start of fighting – all sides and at their head the United States of America, and the rest of the Coalition countries, and affirmed to everyone that the strategy that has been taken up in fighting Daesh would have disastrous results on the civilian population, and at the time that the committee has affirmed its welcome in fighting Daesh and expelling it from the city except that it has pointed out repeatedly that the Coalition’s insistence on fighting in this way gives the world the impression that what approaches 200,000 individual inhabitants who are civilians are all from the Daesh organisation, and it is worth mentioning in this context that this is not the only time that heavily populated cities are liberated from the authorities of the Assad regime or Daesh but [this happens] without these disasters which do not indicate anything other than not caring about the lives of civilians and a clear indifference towards the lives of Syrians.

The political committee in the city of Manbij whilst expressing more of its sadness and concern regarding the cases of death which are reaping the civilian innocents, it at the same time calls vigorously on the international community in its entirety, and the coalition countries especially, affirming to them the duty of the entire international community to shoulder its moral and humanitarian responsibilities regarding a war imposed on isolated civilians [who are] powerless and defenceless, and almost have nothing in terms of life necessities, as well as them having no option which can enable them to eschew the death which is threatening their life. Noting that the insistence of the coalition states to ignore the humanitarian situation in the city of Manbij cannot be explained except as disregard for the totality of human values which have been guaranteed by all the canons and laws to preserve the sanctity of blood and protection of the human entity.

The Political Committee in the city of Manbij

يان صادر عن الهيئة السياسية في مدينة منبج
(لا لقتل المدنيين في منبج)

مع استمرار المعارك بين طرفي النزاع ( قوات سورية الديمقراطية وتنظيم داعش)في مدينة منبج، والتي بدأت منذ 31 – 5 – 2016 ،تزداد معاناة السكان المدنيين يوما بعد يوم، إذ لم يعد الحديث عن الاحتياجات الضرورية للسكان من غذاء ودواء كافياً في موازاة شبح الموت الذي بات يهدد الشيوخ والنساء والأطفال الذين حوصروا بل اتخذهم تنظيم داعش دروعاً بشرياً وذلك نتيجة للحصار الذي فرضته قوات التحالف وطوّقت المدينة من جهاتها الأربع. لقد تمكّنت قوات سورية الديمقراطية من الدخول إلى عدد من أحياء المدينة، الأمر الذي حوّل المعركة إلى قتال شوارع مما جعل المدنيين عرضة سهلة لكافة أشكال الموت( طائرات التحالف – قناصات المتربصين على الأسطحة وداخل البيوت – الألغام التي زرعها تنظيم داعش في الشوارع والطرقات والاماكن العامة)،وفي ظل هذا الواقع المأسوي بات معظم المواطنين لا يجدون مأوى آمناً يقيهم قذائف الموت الذي لا يعرفون أية لحظة يمكن أن يحلّ فوق رؤوسهم،إضافة إلى أن المدينة شهدت حالات عديدة لم يتمكن فيها أحد من انتشال جثث الموتى من الشوارع بسبب الخوف من القتل المباغت. لقد سبق وناشدت الهيئة السياسية في منبج – ومنذ بدء القتال – كافة الأطراف وعلى رأسها الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وباقي دول التحالف، وأكدت للجميع بأن الاستراتيجية التي تم اعتمادها في قتال داعش سوف تكون لها نتائج كارثية على السكان المدنيين،وفي الوقت الذي أكدت فيه الهيئة بترحيبها بقتال تنظيم داعش وطرده من المدينة إلا أنها نوّهت مراراً على أن إصرار قوات التحالف على القتال بهذه الطريقة يوحي للعالم بأن ما يقارب ( 200000 ) نسمة من المدنيين وكأنهم جميعا من تنظيم داعش،ومن الجدير ذكره في هذا السياق أنه ليست هذه هي المرة الوحيدة التي تتحرر فيها مدنٌ آهلة بالسكان من سلطات نظام الأسد أو داعش لكن بدون هذه الكوارث التي لا تدل سوى على عدم اكتراث بحياة المدنيين ولامبالاة واضحة تجاه حياة السوريين. إن الهيئة السياسية في مدينة منبج إذ تبدي مزيد حزنها وقلقها حيال حالات الموت التي تحصد المدنيين الأبرياء، فإنها في الوقت ذاته تطالب بشدّة المجتمع الدولي كافة ، ودول التحالف على وجه الخصوص، مؤكّدة على وجوب تحمّل المجتمع الدولي كافة مسؤولياته الأخلاقية والإنسانية حيال حرب مفروضة على مدنيين عُزّل لا حول لهم ولا قوة، وقد باتوا لا يملكون من مقوّمات الحياة شيئاً، فضلاً عن عدم امتلاكهم لأي خيار يمكّنهم من تحاشي الموت الذي يهدد حياتهم. علماً أن إصرار دول التحالف على تجاهل الحالة الإنسانية في مدينة منبج لا يمكن تفسيره إلا كونه تجاهلاً لمجمل القيم الإنسانية التي كفلتها كل الشرائع والقوانين للحفاظ على حرمة استباحة الدم وحماية الكائن البشري.

الهيئة السياسية في مدينة منبج
– 7 – 2016

SDF and US-led Coalition siege tightens on Manbij – Humanitarian disaster warned

[Committee Logo]
Syrian Arab Republic
The General Political Committee for the City of Manbij and its Countryside

Statement issued from the Political Committee in the City of Manbij and its Countryside

“Save the rest from the siege”

Since late May 2016 the city of Manbij has been subject to a hateful siege as a result of the occurring confrontation between the Democratic Union Party PYD represented in its military wing “People’s Protection Units” backed by the forces of the International Coalition, and the “Daesh” organisation which occupies the city of Manbij since the beginning of the year of 2014, whereby the People’s Protection Units is besieging the city from its four directions [sides], whilst the Daesh organisation is not allowing civilians to leave the city, the matter which has increased in the suffering of the civilian population whose numbers reach approximately 250,000 individuals, as well as the prevailing atmosphere of fear of death which is threatening them from everywhere as a result of the mines and [planted] bombs and the snipers and the plane shells [all of] which reach them from every direction, and so their suffering becomes multiplied in light of the loss of most of the causes of life from the city, whereby to add to the severe scarcity of water and electricity most of the other life staples are almost completely absent such as baby milk and medicine and other nutritional supplies and vegetables and combustibles [fuels], the matter that forewarns of a humanitarian disaster which is on the verge of ravaging the lives of thousands of citizens.

As we also direct [a call] to all the Human Rights and Humanitarian bodies and organisations and scream to every live conscience in the world to contribute to the lifting of the death and the suffering from this city which has been afflicted by an assembled siege [put together] whose scope is the increase of suffering day after day.

The Political Committee in the city of Manbij and its countryside directs [a call] to all the governmental agencies in the international community and in particular the governments participating in the Coalition forces and asserts to them that your interests which you seek to achieve in this war has victims and these are the deaths of defenceless civilian citizens and not terrorists, and at the time which you proclaim fighting the terrorism of Daesh you are in this method and with these followed [adopted] mechanisms only participating in terrorism towards the rights of the citizens which is not any less insulting to human dignity than the terrorism of Daesh.

We are calling everyone to immediate action and to work for the entry of the necessary substances for citizens such as food and medicine and fuel, as we also call call upon everyone to take every form of pressure on the combating sides to neutralise [safeguard] the civilians from the ghost of death which they face.

The Political Committee in the city of Manbij and its Countryside



Missing in action: The US commits a massacre in Syria – and Stop the War Coalition again fails to report

As has been reported in various media outlets, the US on Tuesday bombed a munitions factory belonging to a mainstream rebel brigade along the Syrian-Turkish border. 25 civilians were killed in the US airstrike, with the total number of nationwide deaths (and we should never forget the wounded) reaching 100 civilians on that day alone, with the regime doing its part (including an air-raid on a Damascus suburb market that killed 35 people).

Meanwhile, the still-ongoing Syrian revolution was attacked by all of the Syrian regime (which reportedly used Napalm on an area where it has encountered fierce resistance – see Syrian Civil Defence reports from the scene), the international coalition and ISIS (suicide bombing) – on the same day and in the same area (Idlib province)

Heartbreaking video of granddad who lost 5 of his grandchildren in the US strike, visiting their graves: (To be subtitled)

Interview by the Syrian activist-journalist Hadi Abdullah with a commander of the targeted brigade, says: “What we don’t understand is that we are a completely non-ideological group [i.e. have no political programme, Islamist or otherwise]. We’re not designated as anything and have nothing to do with all of that. We are simply a spontaneous grouping from the revolutionaries of Homs who were displaced off our lands by the criminal regime.”
The destroyed weapons factory cost “hundreds of thousands’ of dollars” but “no one thinks about these things, but the human cost of the women and children they killed. Not a single man or fighter was killed”
“To add to the catastrophes of the Syrian people resisting against the fascist regime, we now have the international coalition to add to our woes. They are trying to put a brake on our advances on Assad’s forces”

Another interview from the scene: Factory hit with 6 rockets. Primary casualty count, 5 children dead, 7 injured in critical condition. First interviewee shows dusted Qur’ans which were in the destroyed factory, and says ‘these are the holiest thing to us, see what they’re doing to us’. The attack on the local-made weapons factory (rebels are not blessed with them and such hits are costly) described as blatant sabotage to slow down rebel advance along Syrian coast (“This is a strong hit for Jaish al-Fateh”). Technical director of the factory also interviewed, states “[What they have done] there is no difference from them and the regime”. Khaled Abdullah concludes the report stating “The international community has not sufficed with blocking weapons and ammunition from the Syrian revolutionaries who were asking for their freedom and justice, but they are striving to destroy what they are trying to produce with their hands to liberate their country and lift injustice”

Meanwhile, Stop the War coalition, which states that its raison d’etre is to oppose Western bombing, has failed to report on the massacre.


The answer has something to do with who was targeted: Jaish al-Sunna, an independent FSA brigade (this is considered the first time the US has bombed an FSA faction, although it has come close before).

The US has now struck every main rebel grouping in Syria, including the two main rebel umbrellas: The Islamic Front (repeatedly) and the Free Syrian Army. Assad, who was only ever ‘threatened’ due to the fear of not being able to keep control of his chemical stash, has not suffered a single airstrike, neither has incidentally Hezbollah, a non-state actor (and hence spared the argument that ‘targeting states has a different dynamic’). Indeed Hezbollah of course was taken off the ‘terrorist list’ after it invaded Syria, whilst Iran was rewarded with sanctions relief – not that we’re pro-sanctions, but the timing of such undertakings have always been a bit conspicuous for us ‘conspiratorial’ minds.

This is the 8th time the US strikes anti-ISIS rebels in Syria. Stop the War Coalition has failed to report on any strikes,  or more poignantly the civilian casualties resulting from them, against those not designated as ‘terrorist’ organisations (i.e. Jabhat al-Nusra), as it has similarly failed to report on the thousands of proud politically-identifying Muslim (i.e. non-secular) revolutionaries who have died fighting ISIS. These, instead of being hailed as a proud example for the whole world to see of Islam being put in practice and recognising what extremism is (and not requiring ‘the West’ to tell them how to recognise it) – incidentally much before most of the world knew what ‘ISIS’ was – were lumped together as “terrorists” with their killers, those who had been so radicalised because of Western complicity in genocide both in Iraq and (more cynically and nuancely) in Syria.

Because, of course, anyone who has revolted against the secular-fascist (religion detesting) regime is bound to be a “terrorist” (and extra woe befall them if they have beards or shout ‘Allahu Akbar’). Not all Muslims are terrorists, but the politically-identifying ones are. Political Muslims could be tolerated, but only when they serve some value in the wider ‘game’ of anti-establishment politics. When their use or ‘pawn’ value in that posturing field of (anti) establishment identity politics is unavailable, other biases comes into play: To defend their ideological bedfellows (be it the USSR in its occupation of Afghanistan or the Syrian Arab “Socialist” Ba’ath party) they will have no qualms of resorting to their own militant-secularist ‘War on Terror’ lingo. Muslims will cease to have the friendship of those who will use sensitive events to further their own agendas, if necessary in the process demonising Muslims recklessly, perversely and dangerously as collateral damage.

Since 2011, the biggest ‘war on terror’ propagandists, the most people who have used the sensationalist language previously associated with the noughties’ neocons, (‘terrorist’, ‘jihadist’, ‘fanatic fundamentalists’, ‘militant Islamists’ etc etc). have been these very people, who then have the gall to posit themselves as being principled opposed to the essential adoption of the implications of their reckless rhetoric by their very establishments (i.e. in their new ‘counter-extremism’ crackdowns).

MIA Stw website     MIA Stw Twitter     MIA Stw FB

Screenshots (correct as of afternoon of 13/08/15) – Website, Twitter Feed and Facebook page  – all without mention of attack
(click images and zoom to expand)

Apparently though, the collateral damage threshold of civilians killed by the US in anti-revolution strikes which would force them to have to address the unraveling of their narrative, still hasn’t been reached.

I refer to a statement by a protester at a recent Stop the War coalition conference (48:35 in video):

“Three or four years ago we said that the West’s position (or America and Britain and imperialist powers’ position) in Syria is to let two sides to destroy each other and they would probably like Assad or at least his state, his regime to come out on top (i.e. a Sisi solution, an Egypt solution), you didn’t even mention last year when the US coalition bombed rebels, you didn’t even mention the civilian casualties, that’s how low it sunk: your raison d’etre you didn’t even mention it (when civilian casualties came out of US bombing)… Why? Because its inconvenient for your narrative. And then you talk about Islamophobia? You’re the ones who’ve fuelled Islamophobia with all your rhetoric about Islamism being synonymous with extremism, “jihadi takfiri jihadi takfiri.”.. supporting secular fascists, the only fascists can be religious?’