The US and Iran destroy Mosul together


Syria Solidarity Campaign:

“The “liberation” of Mosul by the US airforce and Iran’s ground forces. A site of popular Arab Spring protests against the US-installed and pro-Iran Iraqi government, ISIS eventually hijacked people’s disillusionment and occupied the city in 2014. The entire city has been collectively punished as a result. As in Syria, the symptom of the problem – ISIS – was forcibly eradicated whilst the cause – the sectarianism of Iran’s allies in Baghdad and Damascus – was ignored and rewarded. Far from empty rhetoric of opposition between the two sides (a necessary show to justify themselves domestically), this is what the US and Iran have jointly done to Mosul.

Today there are fears of sectarian reprisals against Mosul’s residents by pro-Iran brigades within the Iraqi military (known as the Popular Mobilisation Units) who’ve advanced under the cover of US airstrikes. The PMUs are also fighting across the border for Assad in Syria (and have even been provided US military support there in places like Palmyra). The Arab Spring was replaced by the US with an Iranian Winter.

Is this what awaits Raqqa?”


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