The cowardly Assad regime disproves its own claims (and that of groupies such as Seymour Hersh) about the Sarin gas attack

If anyone needed to know how Assad’s propaganda worked (and how the regime speaks out of both sides of its mouth), read this.

Following the recent publication of the OPCW report which confirmed the use of Sarin gas in Khan Sheikhoun (unfortunately, international politics again means that the “mandate” of the OPCW report did not include assigning blame), Russia reportedly accepted the OPCW report findings in official international fora [1]. As it did not assign blame, the report did not contradict Russia’s claim that Sarin gas was in some way “released” – or prove that it was “dropped” from a regime helicopter, Russian Foreign Secretary Lavrov noted [2].

Assad had previously called the attack and the footage of the victims a “100% fabrication… They fabricated the whole story in order to have a pretext for the attack” [3] –
in fact contradicting simultaneous Russian claims that Sarin gas was released after a “rebel factory was hit”.

The investigators were not given “security permission” to access the town, which the OPCW said hampered the fact-finding mission. Under international threat of being accused with completely obstructing the investigation however, the regime facilitated the transferring of soil samples provided by locals from the area.

The soil samples provided by the *regime itself* – and tested by both regime and OPCW laboratories – proved the presence of Sarin. This comprehensively disproved any pro-regime claims that the attack was a “hoax” [4] or that it was in fact “supplies of disinfectants or fertilisers” (not Sarin) which were released – the allegation made by Seymour Hersh [5]. In other words, conspiracy theories promoted by the regime were disproved – under international threat – quietly by the regime. Luckily, the regime could afford to have such lies disproved as it has Russia’s own back-up conspiracy theory –
of Sarin gas being “accidentally” released in an undocumented coincidental bombing of a “rebel factory” – as a cushion to fall-back on.

Despite the report not assigning blame, the regime nonetheless condemned the OPCW report (which it helped bring about) within its domestic propaganda outlets, and has repeated the line that the Sarin gas attack was a “fabrication”.

In conclusion: The regime is a psychopathic liar.




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