Vanessa Beeley gets destroyed on Assad’s “anti-imperialism” – Assadists come to her defence and are rebutted


Post comment by Assadist:

“I find your description of this exchange more than a little lacking. A member of the Syria Solidarity Campaign attends an event, and makes a speech full of sectarian talking points. The quote marks around “anti-imperialism” are a big clue here. As part of this rambling speech, he asks the question, “Aren’t you more pro-Assad than Assad himself? (When did you stop beating your wife?) He then continues talking. The people attending the meeting grow impatient with his monologue, and tell him to bloody ask a question. (Some of them appear to have missed the question, not surprisingly.) At one point, as people beseech him to shut up and sit down, he sits down.

When he does, Vanessa answers the only question he asked, with the obvious answer: she is NOT “pro-Assad,” she’s pro-Syrian-sovereignty. She gets a hand from the people at the meeting, who are clearly not pleased by the young man’s intervention. After the young man repeats some of his points, Vanessa was about to reply, but is stopped—by the people running the meeting.

So, when you say she was “unable to answer,” your nose is stretching. The organizers asked her to stop, so, politely, she did.

Quite a few of those following events in Syria have heard these arguments before, for example, somehow Assad is “cooperating” with the Americans, not being attacked by them. Sorry, it doesn’t wash, no matter what obscure quotes you can come up with. The Syria Solidarity Campaign, which out of one side of its mouth wants an end to foreign intervention, but out of the other wants a no-fly zone, doesn’t impress me as a group that can come up with a solution to the conflict.

So if we think all the foreign humanitarian regime changers should just piss off and let Syrians determine their government for themselves, that makes us “Assad propagandists”? Don’t think so. Myself, I don’t give a toss if Assad stays or goes, it’s not my decision. What “Western” leaders do in MY name certainly is.

In any case, I see from my FB wall that Vanessa Beeley was not “destroyed” by that intervention. She’s alive and well.”

Comment by guy in video:

“Hi, I’m the young man in question.
The sectarian talking point, was that the one where I said the regime supported the Shia Amal against the Shia Hezbollah in the late 80s? Yeah, real sectarian. You wouldn’t hear it in the video (and nor do I have to prove it to your likes) but I also made it clear that I supported the Bahraini uprising and opposed Saudi’s brutality in Yemen.
As for Beeley “responding”, are you on crack? When did she respond to my question of how Assad’s “anti-imperialist” allies include al-Sisi (Israel’s friend, o Palestine hero) and the US-installed regime in Iraq? As for her not getting a chance to respond (she actually did and came back to address me), this is why the full video link is attached, go check it out:
(Incidentally a few other “anti-imperialist” Western allies of Assad that I didn’t mention include the Palestinian Authority (Fatah) in the West Bank (other anti-Israeli heroes of course), the US-installed regime in Afghanistan and the likes of Pakistan, Oman, Algeria, Lebanon, etc.).
Besides sharing airspace (which involves basic coordination to prevent accidents, something both Assad and the US have admitted), the US and the regime have also carried out joint bombings of anti-Assad towns and cities (mostly held by ISIS):
But of course you undoubtedly know much better than the Syrians who’ve been getting bombed by the US and the regime in the same day:
“We are seeing coalition warplanes hit targets during the day in Raqqa province and then Syrian warplanes follow-up with more indiscriminate strikes at night,” a commander with the Free Syrian Army told The Daily Beast. “This is not a coincidence—to argue that it is stretches credulity”” – []
“The politics don’t matter to the people here, all we see is one type of death – it comes from the sky, whether the Americans are dropping the bombs or Assad, it makes no difference. They are both murdering us. What do you expect any sane person to think here? One day American airplanes and the next Bashar’s, how do they not crash or shoot each other? It is simple, they call each other and say today is my turn to kill the people of Raqqa, please don’t bother me, it will be yours tomorrow.” -[]
…“Syrian warplanes used to shell us two or three times a week but now they target us every day thanks to the coalition forces,” Faris Samir, from Harm in the northern Idlib region, complained on Thursday. “We are losing martyrs and many get injured but no one pays any attention. Now the Syrian [regime] army is taking areas bombed by the coalition forces after the Islamic factions withdraw. I have to say that the coalition military campaign is in the interest of the Syrian regime and against the Syrian people.”’ -[]
As for the “obscure” quotes, oh definitely. “They attack us politically and then they send officials to deal with us under the table, especially the security, including your [the Australian] government”. That’s real obscure:
Assad’s regime welcomed the US intervention in 2014, and said they were going in the “right direction”:,7340,L-4576118,00.html
Here’s some examples of regime media celebrating the US intervention in 2014:

1) “The Syrian Army and the United States in the same ditch against terrorism”

2) “Meanwhile, the pro-government news network Damascus Now hailed the strikes on Wednesday as a historic moment, in which “happiness was etched on the faces of the majority of Syrians, because they found international support towards eradicating a cancer which has been rooted in the diseased Syrian body,” referring to the rebels.”:
Most rebel groups by contrast rejected the US intervention, there were loads of protests across rebel-held Syria against it, and the FSA’s founder called the US intervention an “attack against the revolution”:
Here’s the US just a few days ago welcoming Assad taking territories from ISIS:
The US has of course directly supported Assad on limited occasions in doing so, most recently earlier this year in Palmyra:
The US has also coordinated intelligence with Assad, as has the MI6:
Here’s a Syrian refugee fleeing Assad having her passport taken from her by the UK “on the Syrian government’s request”:
Here’s one revolutionary protest against the US bombing rebel-held areas of Aleppo *during the siege* a few months ago:
And for a bit of recent history:
Here’s Assad warning Europe about Syrian refugees, saying they’re going to have terrorists amongst them:
Here’s a video of your heroic regime representative side by side Arafat and Sadat-style with Israeli foreign minister Barak:
And here’s anti-imperialist hero Tony Blair who wanted the queen to knight Assad, whose thinktank has (undoubtedly like you) called most of the Syrian revolutionaries “extremists”:
now let’s see some of the US statements. Contrary to the idiocies and foolishness your likes promote, the US did not sponsor or support the revolutions. As in Egypt and Yemen, where the US told its its former collaborators to step down in order to *better preserve the rest of the regime* with a different face, the US has throughout the war been against “regime-change” in Syria too. Its preference is a political solution where the figurehead of the regime steps down to calm popular anger and stabilise the rest of the regime, to be replaced by another regime member. Which is what happened with the military edging out Mubarak in Egypt and Saleh being pushed out in Yemen. Regime-rehabilitation with a different face, in other words. Syrians have long said this and its been admitted by US officials as well:
The US attempted to encourage an intra-regime coup during 2011 to bring this to fruition (, but it failed due to the regime’s internal cohesiveness. The US actually opposed the militarisation of the rebellion (initially saying that it would “escalate the violence which is what Assad wanted”) until after the regime chemical attack in 2013. And even then they always conditioned groups which received direct support (prime amongst them of course the leftist love-child, the YPG) to not fight Assad (
In the absence of the first preference of Assadism without Assad, the US second preference has actually been straight out accepting Assad to stay. It has never supported the option of a rebel military victory, an option Obama called a “fantasy” as they were a bunch of farmers and students, etc. ( The US for years told the rebels to stop fighting Assad and just focus on ISIS, even publicly declaring it in 2015:
And actually far from being “anti-Western”, your bullshit vacuous cliche about “if Assad falls terrorists will take over” was long the US position:
and your bullshit vacuous cliche of “letting the Syrian people decide” (i.e. after they rebelled and hundreds of thousands died as a consequence you bellend) – code for letting Assad stand for elections – was advocated by none other than the anti-imperialist that is John Kerry:
The fact that you know little of this is because your anti-war movement’s leaders are racist tankies who’ve refused to listen to Syrians and ironically have ended up completely misrepresenting actual US policy in the country. Only idiots would think that four out of more than 9,000 airstrikes in Syria constitutes “regime change”and btw, the US has attacked mainstream “moderate” rebels far more than that, something that of course you wouldn’t have heard about as your “anti-war” leaders covered up because it was an inconvenient contradiction to their regime-change bullshit. This is one example:
The rest of the 9,000 fyi oh radical “anti-imperialist” have come exclusively in areas that revolted against the regime in 2011, regardless of whether they’re held now by ISIS or someone else (of course if you were nearly as bravely “anti-imperialist” as you portend you would be supporting ISIS, not a “beardless” Islamophobia-promoting regime with decades of Western-collaboration and indeed still doing so).
This is why Syrians have set up pages like this ( And its why unlike your radical-chic fake anti-imperialist bubbles that only wake up to Syria when there’s a bit of talk about wrist-slapping Assad, the SSC has actually protested in front of the US embassy.. Go read up the event description, if its not too “complicated” in explaining how the US and its allies have hidden their support of Assad behind their vacuous statements that your “critical” types swallow up so easily.
So far from “foreign regime-change tossers” (am I the foreign one here lol, a guy who’s lived in the Middle East most of his life?), you’re the counter-revolutionary, scabbing, pro-regime tosser who stood against what the “masses” (to use the leftist terminology that is inevitably just a fashion statement to you) demanded in 2011: “The people want the downfall of the regime”. and if your priviliged shittly little posing types – who incidentally wouldn’t baulk twice at calling the “imperialist police” if your house got robbed and wouldn’t baulk twice at campaigning for your “imperialist government” to spend more on the NHS and welfare (ironically from the wealth they usurped from the regions whose people you now demonise) whilst acting radically chic by disparaging those asking for no planes to fly because they’ve been getting bombed 24/7 by them for five years on end – don’t like it, you could go fuck off.”

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