Iraqi Army is occupying Syria

The Western-backed Iraqi Army is occupying Syria in support of Assad.

This is footage of Iraqi government militias – known collectively as the Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU) – fighting for the Assad regime in Syria. The PMU militias constitute the single biggest component of the coalition of pro-Assad ground forces in Syria today, outnumbering the Syrian Army, Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. They are legally part of the Iraqi Army (thus in fact technically constituting “Iraqi Army brigades”, not “non-state militias”) and are salaried by the Iraqi government (…/iraq-parliament-passes-law-legal…).

The militias are ideologically loyal to Iran and receive simultaneous Western (including UK) and Iranian military backing. They are fighting a sectarian “holy war” inside Syria, and in both Syria and Iraq they have been accused of carrying out sectarian cleansing in Sunni areas, emptying villages from their inhabitants and razing their homes to the ground. Inside Iraq the militias receive direct military support (including aerial cover) from the US and its allies, as well as salaries and arms via the Western-backed Iraqi government

Western governments and politicians know that these sectarian Iraqi units they support inside Iraq also fight across the border for Assad in Syria, yet they have for years kept this quiet and relied on the lack of coverage of the issue in Western media. Interestingly and counter-intuitively, despite Western governments rarely declaring their extensive military support for the sectarian Iraqi militias/army brigades, they have provided them with far greater practical support than anything received by the Syrian revolutionary forces – who by contrast have for years been the beneficiary of rhetorical backing. This is one of the many reasons why people interested in Syria and Western policy there should study quiet and often-undeclared Western actions inside Syria – as reported by sources on the ground – and not formulate their understandings on the basis of loud yet vacuous statements of “Assad condemnation” expectedly made by Western politicians.

What this Western support for the Assad regime via the Iraqi Army means is that the 2003 invasion of Iraq, ostensibly committed in the name of “democracy”, has in fact brought to power forces that are today crucial in helping the Assad regime bury the genuine, grassroots demand for democracy of 2011. To add insult to injury this reality is not merely retrospective, for Western governments continue to support these Iraqi forces despite their invasion of Syria, making a mockery of the “official” condemnations of the Assad regime.

Share, and expose.

Footage provided by FSA Platform

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