Advertising Upcoming Articles

Whilst these pieces have been written for a while they have not been yet published. Whilst ideally I was hoping for them to be out before Trump’s inauguration (as they pertain to US policy on Syria and related issues during Obama’s years), unfortunately this will unlikely be the case. Whilst the pieces will be published on this blog before then unfortunately they will not be released until after/if they are first commissioned on primary outlets.

– “In Syria, Stop the War Coalition is not against Western intervention”

– “Introducing the Syria Solidarity Campaign: What can Western governments do regarding the situation in Syria? Stop deflecting to Russia and look at your own allies”

– “Assad the Pied Piper and his Useful Minions:How Assad’s false “anti-imperialists” covered up actual US imperialism in Syria”

– “Syria, Stop the War Coalition and Islamophobia”

– “The failed victories of vacuous “anti-imperialism”: How those celebrating Assad’s Nakba would have celebrated the Palestinian one too”


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