Syrian Revolution Network – Posts on the US-led International Coalition

(Posts not in chronological order and list not exhaustive)

“Once again the coalition airforce targets a bridge in Deir al-Zor.
The Ashara bridge in the Eastern Countryside of Deir al-Zor destroyed at the hands of the International Coalition warplanes.
It should be noted that this bridge is the last bridge that connects the two banks of the Euphrates river.”

“The destruction of infrastructure and vital facilities under the excuse of hitting terrorist organisations!!
[Picture shows] Destruction of the Mayadeen bridge connecting between the two banks of the Eurpherates river in Deir al-Zor’s Eastern Countryside, considered to be the most important of the bridges over the river, after its targeting by the International Coalition forces last night..”

“The martyrdom of 246 people at the hands of the International Coalition forces in Syria from 23rd September 2014 until 8 September 2015. Including 243 civilians including 74 children and 38 women. According to the documentation of the Syrian Network for Human Rights”

Image may contain: 1 person

“24 incidents of bombardment by the International Coalition resulted in 122 civilians, including 55 children and 26 women. In the period between 18th February 2015 until 31st July 2015. According to the documentation of the Syrian Network for Human Rights” (Source)

“And they departed by the weaponry of the International Coalition,
And their spot remained as evidence for the crime committed!
– The effects of the coalition massacre in the town of Atmeh in Idlib’s countryside that occurred yesterday”

“The day before yesterday, the fighter jets of the International Coalition bombed the village of Sereen in Aleppo’s countryside.
Resulting from this bombardment was four martyrs (mostly remains!)
Only two were identified..
One of them by his shoe.
Yes, from his “shoe”!
O Coalition, the civilian defenceless Syrian people do not need more killing!” (Source)

“The knight of Hamra street,
That smile which used to subdue racism and humiliation and the tiredness of asylum in the streets of Beirut.
Those hands which used to sell the Damascana roses to reduce from the meanings of life’s injustice that he lived along with every child like him.
Yesterday became a martyr by the planes of the International Coalition”

“The revolutionary movement team in the revolutionary spring collective painted the picture “Stop killing our children” for the Syrian artist Mustafa Yaqoub, on one of the walls south of Damascus. And that after the ascendance of more than 150 civilians, mostly women and children, as a result of the aerial bombardment of the International Coalition forces on the city of Manbij in the countryside of Aleppo”

70 martyrs – The village of Beir Mahaly – Massacre by the planes of the “International Coalition
Additional evidence proves the implication of the International Coalition in the massacre of the village of Deir Mahaly in the countryside of Aleppo
Important for translation and sharing as wide as possible

Report link
The Syrian Network for Human Rights”

“The International Coalition airforce kill 169 people in the village of Beir Mahaly including 42 children and 30 women.
On Friday the coalition airforce launched 6 consecutive airstrikes and dropped more than 5 missiles targeting residential areas.
Documentation of the names of 64 martyrs and more than 30 wounded from innocent civilian defenceless women and children and incredible destruction of houses.
Aleppo Countryside Massacre 4-5-2915
Syrian Network for Human Rights
Full report:

“Report: International Coalition forces result in 103 civilian deaths, including 11 children and 11 women
Documentation of the civilian victims at the hands of the International Coalition Forces

“From the protest in Maera al-Nu’man in the countryside of Idlib which came out yesterday protesting the fall of civilians by the fire of the International Coalition airforce..

“America and its Arab allies: ha ha ha ha!
Of what terrorism do you speak?
Respect our intellects for God’s sake
From Deir al-Zor”

“”Four years and we have been asking the Arab armies to move
We wish… they hadn’t”

“There is no terrorist in the world to the same degree of Assad’s terrorism, and those who help him to kill us”
“The “non-Syrian” Coalition and the Assad regime are two sides of the same coin” [reference to the  unpopular political opposition body – SNC/Syrian National Coalition]
“The Coalition which seeks to abort our revolution… does not represent us”
– Views expressed after an angry protest condemning the US-Arab coalition and their attacks on the revolutionary brigades and condemning the coalition and international community’s ignoring of Assad and his gang and their crimes

“The documentation of the massacre committed by the International Coalition airforce against the sons of the village of Ojacnah in the southern Manbij countryside in Aleppo’s countryside on the 3rd of June.
22 martyrs and more than 15 wounded mostly in critical conditions

** The family of Saed-Allah al-Hussein al-Hilal
1 – The martyr father Bahjet Helal 50 years
2 – The martyr first wife Seta al-Hameedi 40 years
3 – The martyr second wife (name unknown)
4 – The martyr Hany Bahjat al-Helal 23 years
4 – The martyr Hany al-Helal’s wife 20 years (name unknown)
5 – The child martyr Amany Bahjet al-Helal 12 years
6 – The child martyr Jasem Bahjet al-Helal 8 years
7 – The small darling martyr of one and a half years (name unknown)

** The family of Foua’d al-Hussain al-Helal:
1 – The martyr father Foua’d al-Helal 40 years
2 – The martyr mother Heyam al-Abd al-Helal 35 years
3 – The martyr Saddam 18 years
4 – The martyr Sadam’s wife 17 years and they were expecting their first child
5 – The unborn child of Saddam
6 – The martyr child Saddam’s sister 13 years (name unknown)
7 – Two unknown children whose names and ages we have not verified also from the Helal house [family]”

“With all pain and anguish, with hearbreak in his chest:
“Five martyr children”

Killed by the International Coalition!
“Nour, Asya, Amna, Haya, Fatema”
Those are my mother’s daughters!
Those are terrorists… those are terrorists those!
O international Coalition, we did not need international killers [to add to woes]!
Translated interview with the family of the martyrs, who were martyred as a result of the bombardment of the International Coalition on the border town of Atmeh before yesterday”

“Documenting the opinions of the Aleppo street regarding the start of the International Coalition airstrikes in Syria”
“The coalition airstrikes have already bombarded many revolutionary headquarters in the past two days, and killed many civilians in Idlib. I’m with the strikes if they target Daesh and the regime, and not the revolutionaries, including Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham and the Free Army, they are revolutionaries fighting in the same ditch.”

“I am against the American airstrikes because the American strikes will help the regime. If they target Daesh it would help us, but on the other hand they will also target Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham and the other factions that the US will not distinguish between and Daesh, and they will not hit the Assad regime ultimately and it is the regime will be who benefits, and it may also advance into the areas in which Daesh is hit, and we have not gained everything”

“The regime is the most one who benefits from the US airstrikes, because yesterday they hit Ahrar al-Sham and Jabhat al-Nusra in Idlib, and even in Aleppo the Al-Ansar brigade I think. The strikes will affect the revolutionaries a lot. They are striking Daesh, they are, but they are also striking the revolutionaries, and the regime that we have been fighting for the past four years they have not hit”

“We as revolutionaries in the city of Aleppo are against foreign intervention in Syrian territories by God’s will… as we had protests against Bashar al-Assad we will also have protests against the coalition..”


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