Poem | Manpads for the FSA!

Poem | Manpads for the FSA!

Note: the Assad regime’s 5-year use of its airforce (2012 – ongoing) has been on a scale unprecedented by any government using an airforce inside its own territory. Syria’s largest city of Aleppo has become the most aerially bombarded city in the world since the Second World War. The US government has maintained a strict embargo throughout this time on the provision of anti-aircraft missiles (MANPADs) to the ground resistance by regional states, namely Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. It has even refused to provide civil defence rescue workers with early radar warnings of incoming airstrikes. Since 2014 the US airforce has joined the Syrian one in the bombing of Syria’s towns and cities, in the name of fighting ISIS.

A version of this was read in front of the US embassy in London. See statement by the Syrian Solidarity Campaign on the protest.

We want the FSA
To shoot down Assad’s warplanes

The US thinks that we don’t know
About their 5-year long veto
Making sure the FSA
Can’t stop Assad fly his planes
A “nightmare scenario” their officials say
Assad’s planes should fly all day!
But today we say: no more no more!
Assad’s planes will start to fall!

Muslim states, end the blockade!
Manpads for the FSA!

Arab states ignore the US
Syrians ask for self-defence!
Stop ignoring their desperate calls
Or history won’t forgive you all
US veto no more no more
Assad’s planes must start to fall!

Russia don’t you worry though
We’ve not forgotten you at all
You can certainly rest assured
You’re the next ones to be cured
After Bashar Vladi will see
Syrians coming for him with glee
They’ll make him forever regret
Killing a single innocent dead
They’ll make Afghanistan a trip
Compared to when their vengeance hits

But back to our American friends
Who don’t want this war to ever end

5 years they say ‘Assad must go’
But let’s stop everything to make it so!
We tell them “leave us to force him out”
No, we must “address” his doubts
They cut ammunition everytime we’re close
To his fascist state becoming toast
You see, its only “him” that we don’t like
His planes etcetera, they’re all right
Regime change isn’t what we say
Just a change of faces if you may
Its just one guy who’s at fault
Only his whims could bring this to a halt
His regime, his army, they’re all fine
Why should all pay for one man’s crimes?
So don’t you dare collapse his state
Its his decision he has to make
And if he doesn’t sign his own end
We might even keep him as a friend

They call this joke a policy
With friends like these who needs enemies?

Syria’s not Iraq at all
Saddam and Assad had a long cold war
Saddam believed Assad was talk
A guy who never walked the walk
The Iraqi Army had not betrayed
The Palestinians in Jordan or Lebanon, say
The Iraqi Army did not ignore
Its occupied territory for four decades or more
The Iraqi Army had never banned
Patriots fighting for their stolen land
Tyrants they both certainly were
But one toed the line whilst the other err’d
Fascist regimes they might have been
But one struck only at the “enemy within”
So why dismantle such a state
When its kept the “peace” and contained the “hate”?
They’ll just believe we’ve got “fatigue”
(When the beards surface we’ll be back with speed)
Since our French friends put them there
The “Syrian Army’s” done its share

So today they’re part of the “political solution”
There’s no victory for your “armed revolution”!
Ignore us rebels at your own risk
But don’t think victory will be brisk
We’ll just allow people from outside
To come in with numbers to stem your tide
Equilibrium in this arena is our game
A balance of destruction so the revolts can tame
Do you really think we just back one side?
You fools, you’d better toe the line
So stop fighting them and wasting your time
Assad’s bad but his army’s fine
ISIS is here (we let them grow in size)
It’s time for you to join the other side
The Arab Spring’s a thing of past
The War on Terror’s back at last
And if you don’t abide our red lines
A list might name you in short time

Good cop bad cop and in the end
The US and Russia are Assad’s friends
Kerry and Lavrov you should know
We know you’re the new Sykes-Picot

So hear us loud and hear us clear
Your lies don’t wash on Syrian ears
Your “diplomatic solution” is a lie
Revolution till victory! or we die
There’s no “negotiated resignation”
We want the whole regime’s decimation
We won’t accept a change of heads
We want justice for our dead
We won’t accept a different name
If they’ll keep oppressing us all the same
You can keep Mubarak if the answer’s Sisi
Assad can stay if you think it’s that easy
You can keep the same name on the plate
If you think it will delay the people’s fate
Let us remind you of our martyrs’ call
“The people want the regime’s downfall”
So stop prolonging this bloody war
And stop preventing Assad’s fall

Arab rulers we now speak to you
We wish you show us something new
In Syria you’ve seen 1000 Gazas
And its still not moved you in your plazas
If you have any sense of pride
Today you’ll take the people’s side
And from enemies no longer take
Orders with innocent lives at stake
Arab states don’t you know?
Syrians die from your veto
Arab states who do you obey?
Your own people, or the USA?
Arab states, end the blockade
Manpads now to the FSA