Statement from the Revolutionary Local Council of Jarablus on the killing of eleven Syrian refugees by the Turkish Gendarmerie – 19/11/2016

Translated from Arabic

Syrian Arab Republic


Issued by:
The Local Council in Jarablus

With great sorrow and worry, the Local Council in the city of Jarablus received the news of the heinous crime of the killing of eleven Syrian citizens from the city of Jarablus and of the same family at the hands of the Turkish border guard “Gendarmerie” during their attempts to enter Turkish territory.

We in the Local Council in Jarablus condemn this horrific crime against our families fleeing from Al-Assad’s criminal forces and the extremist militias on Syria’s land.

[Subsequently]; We call upon the Turkish government to open an immediate investigation into this horrific event to uncover the circumstances surrounding it and to hold to account those responsible for it from the border guard “Gendarmerie” whose assaults on our defenceless people have become repeated.

[Furthermore]; We highly appreciate the stance of the Turkish government and its people in their standing by the side of the oppressed Syrian people and our Syrian revolution, and as we also appreciate Turkey’s embracing of 3 million displaced Syrians, and we look forward to the understanding of our brethren in Turkey to the needs and straits of our families [people] during this time of distress and their seeking refuge in its warm embrace; for they are their only haven after God and we expect the Turkish border guard “Gendarmerie” to understand and appreciate these needs.

[Furthermore]; We call upon the National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces and the Syrian Interim Government and the Council of the Free Province of Aleppo to coordinate with the Turkish government to prevent the repetition of these types of incidents and to open the border passes in front of the Syrians fleeing from the policy of murder and bombardment and siege which the regime and its helpers pursue towards the sons and daughters of Syria demanding the acquisition of their freedom and dignity.

The Local Council in the City of Jarablus

One thought on “Statement from the Revolutionary Local Council of Jarablus on the killing of eleven Syrian refugees by the Turkish Gendarmerie – 19/11/2016

  1. Is this council governing Jarablus now? I am having a hard time finding information about who is governing the area now that ISIS has been cleared out by FSA and Turkey.

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