Xenephobia-fuelling supporter who believes hospitals should be bombed to be hosted by Stop the War Coalition on a conference … for refugees

Tim Anderson – a big supporter of the fascist Syrian regime and cheerleader of its “War on Terror” against the Muslamic savages of Syria, is to be hosted on a conference for refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos. This guy also supports bombing hospitals.

Assad may have gotten much love from the European Far-Right for his fueling of xenophobia towards refugees, but unfortunately it seems that this hasn’t deterred many of his “radical” posturing (read orientalist and closet-Islamophobe) fans on the “left” either.

Of course, this is a guy who says that “millions of Syrians are harbourers of terrorism” (in so doing of course admitting the extent of popular feeling against him, though putting this terrorist sentiment to a “moral crisis” in society). And this is a regime that labels entire rebellious population centres as “terrorist cities“. And this is a state that’s launched an archetypal colonial “War on Terror” (with the blessing of East and West) inside its own borders, employing scales of aerial bombardment not seen since World War 2 (and scales of airforce deployment completely unprecedented within a country’s own borders, surpassing Spain’s Franco and the Guernicas of the 1930s). And this is the force in the conflict whose crimes are washed over because it is heralded as “secular”, including by the likes of Stop the War Coalition (and its opponents labelled “Islamic terrorists” by the same people) – besieging Western Muslims by racist rhetoric from right and left. And this is the force which has raped thousands of women, a rape epidemic in the 21st century yet so silent and unreported on that it will inevitably be remembered with utter shame by “Feminist” and human rights groups soon enough, and of course this is the force which is the reason for most refugees fleeing.

Beyond Anderson, “progressives” who have spent 5 years associating an uprising with (what even Assad admitted to be) its “harbouring” millions with “terrorism” now act surprised/horrified when they find the fascistic and Islamophobic environments Syrian refugees face everywhere. For the last five years I’ve heard more about “Jihadis”, “Wahabbis”, “Takfiris” and radical Islamism from the Western Left than I have from the Right, and that in the era of the Arab Spring: the most important social popular transformations of the day and the greatest struggles for liberation and the greatest counter-revolutions of tyranny (this isn’t to say that extremism isn’t a problem, but counter to what we are told it is not the core yet alone only struggle in the Middle East today). Many of these refugees, overwhelmingly dominated by those displaced from revolution-held and government-blitzkrieged areas (and who still in the majority support the revolution and blame Assad for their displacement, according to every single professional polling of refugees commissioned) would have implicitly been the “sympathisers of terrorism” before they crossed the Syrian border. It is rich for groups like STWUK to talk about Islamophobia whilst they bicker with “the establishment” not on intrinsically opposing and confronting the lexicon of the War on Terror (since they employ that lexicon themselves routinely to others like the Syrian rebels), but rather on who the War on Terror should apply to (i.e. Islamists, not “secular” regimes) – in other words not disputing the fundamentals and underpinning perceptions and prejudices that make up the war on terror but trying to reclaim it for its own narratives (stay in tune for a longer lay-down of STW’s record on this matter).

Its time Stop the War’s leadership start to be challenged and brought to account by those left within the organisation with some wisdom (because they’re too arrogant to listen to anyone else, preferring to see an anti-Corbyn conspiracy everytime they get criticised, as if Syria, the Arab World and the universe revolves around an opposition politician in Britain; perhaps if they tried to look for some Muslims at their public meetings they’d realise that its a bit more than that), because at this rate they’re going to destroy themselves, and this may have very negative and unfortunate consequences for the wider anti-war movement.


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