8th June 2016: Russia Dropping Napalm in Aleppo | Israel Declares Support for Russian/Assad bombardment | Collective punishment of Iraqi civilians in Fallujah | Stop the War Coalition UK to host “Bombing hospitals OK” Assad supporter on event for refugees

8th June 2016: Russia Dropping Napalm in Aleppo

This is not the first time Russia/Assad drop the internationally-banned Napalm in Syria.

Syria Daily, Dec 28: Has Assad Regime Used Napalm on Civilians in Homs?

Assad/Russia have also dropped White Phosphorus.


8th June 2016: Israel declares support for Russia’s bombardment of civilians and the Syrian revolutionaries.

Again, this is not the first time that Israel declares such support. It has also been coordinating with Russia in Syria and offered intelligence on the Syrian opposition. The Syrian regime is also using Israeli drones in its fight against Syrian revolutionary forces and rebel groups.

Of course, most indicatively, it was Israel that proposed the 2013 US-Russian deal that supposedly ‘spared’ Assad of Obama’s show/’punitive’ (wrist-slapping) strikes.

8th June 2016: 300 Iraqi Sunni civilians reportedly executed by US and Iranian-backed sectarian Shia militias around Fallujah. This follows reports of torture, starvation and humiliation by the West’s pro-Iran allies.

8th June 2016: Faux-anti-imperialist and falsely-named Stop the War Coalition UK group to perversely host outright Assad supporter, who has most recently stated “Sometimes its okay to bomb hospitals”, on an event for refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos. Despite the wishes of the West’s War on Terror Islamophobes on both right and left (nicknamed the “red-brown” alliance for Syria), most Syrian refugees are fleeing the Assad regime, not ISIS or any other faction.


8th June 2016: Footage from the daily massacres in Syria (Aleppo)

Another hospital bombed in Aleppo

“We’re in Ramadan, the people are having suhoor [pre-fast supper] and fasting. Where are the Arabs? Where is the Islam? Feel O Arabs feel, feel! If you have an atom of humanity, you would feel. When people died in Paris you [all stood up and didn’t sit down]… Massacres, we’re having massacres! Feel O Arabs, feel! Fear God in [regarding] us, fear God in [regarding] us!”

Syrian activist-journalist (shown ‘presenting’ in the videos above):

“We are no longer capable of distinguishing between thermobaric rockets and cluster rockets and phosphorus and Napalm! The ways of killing us [now] all look similar!

But so you know, the worst type of death killing us is your silence and your dereliction.”


“To the Islamic Ummah [nation] we complain of our condition, and Ramadan has arrived for us whilst Syrians are under the tents… not even tents, look at our condition, under blankets… and my brother was martyred from 3 days… I complain of our condition to the Islamic Ummah and those who fear God… They kicked me out of Sheikh Issa and the Kurds took it and I was thrown here… Where am i supposed to go with these [children and wife] when I’m disabled?… Fear God in [regarding] us, fear God in us O you who kill us, fear God in us O America, fear God in us O Dawa’esh [ISIS], they’re killing the Syrian people because they say there is no God but God [i.e. Muslim]… [To ISIS] You’re punishing people’s faults… you want to fight the kuffar [from Muslim terminology: “people who knowingly reject the truth”… go fight them, why are you coming to us? You’re all coming from all over the world to conspire against us… still the rotten Iran [are here], still Bashar al-Assad who’s caused a million martyrs [is here]… Where do we go, do we fly to God? I swear if it was not haram [forbidden] to commit suicide I would’ve commited suicide… We are complaining of our condition to God”

Comment: “A Syrian refugee in a tent with his family curses the US, Daesh, Iran and Bashar al-Assad. See, its possible. Take it from someone kicked out of his home and is now disabled in one of his arms. His cursing of the last two though made him a “Sunni extremist” in the eyes of the US, which has bombed the people of every area that rebelled in Syria in 2011 (i.e. from the 1200+ civilians killed by the US will be those who protested against Assad and his ally Maliki): Homs, Aleppo, Idlib, Raqqa and Deir al-Zor – whilst not once bombing either the Assad regime or its dozens of allied militias; pretending to be an opponent of the Assad regime whilst declaring since 2012 that rebels “cannot militarily win this conflict” and declaring their opposition to any regime “collapse” (Assad is to be persuaded to resign like Mubarak) – in the process blockading the supply of defensive and qualitative weaponry for his victims and giving the regime license to use an airforce against his people on a duration and scale never before seen in an intra-state conflict/civil war. When you have someone using their airforce on a *literal* daily basis (this is what people just cannot imagine or understand, or appreciate the significance of, that this has literally been the case – levels of continuous aerial deployment that exceeded anything before in history) over 5 years, to level large areas of the country to the ground, you don’t stop them: they’re doing what you yourself could only dream of.

Like in Spain but moreso in Syria, a declaredly fascist regime offers its benefits: you can’t be politically judged for its misdoings since you’re not providing them the weaponry yourself (as the West couldn’t be politically judged at home for what Hitler was doing before 1939, even though they appeased him and actually undermined his enemies in places like Spain) – all you have to do is close the door on those trying to help its enemies.
Ironically, this man’s mentioning of Iran and Bashar al-Assad would also make him a Sunni extremist in the eyes of America’s unlikely “War on Terror” bedfellows in much of the Western left: people like Tim Anderson, who is being hosted by the largest “anti-war” movement in the UK, Stop the War Coalition, in an event in Greece on refugees (how perverse this is cannot be put into words – most refugees are fleeing Assad). These are the “leftist” War on Terror propagandists who have said nothing about Assad’s (non-bearded) genocide, the “International Coalition” (read US airforce) outright support and coordination with him, including their bombing of mainstream resistance factions in 2014-15, the SDF (YPG’s) abuses (because they’re leftists like them), or the abuses of the pro-Iran Shia militias in Iraq (because whilst they never stop talking about 2003 none of them actually care about the current reality in Iraq).
It was said that taking the right position in Syria was important from the start. Little did these truly faux anti-imperialists know they would eventually end up on the same side – initially on that of the “anti-establishment” xenophobes of the far-right (Front Nationale, UKIP, Golden Dawn), but eventually, as you would expect, on the same side of the establishments which shifted that way as well.



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