Syria’s Disinformation | The Myth of Assad’s provincial capitals

June 12 2016

So often is it repeated by regime propagandists that “it was silly to expect Assad to fall because he never held less than 14 (later 13/12) out of 14 provincial capitals”. This is an archetypal piece of disinformation from the many which litter the narratives on the conflict.

First of all: there aren’t 14 provincial capitals, there are 13, since the provinces of “Damascus” and “Damascus countryside” share the same capital.

Second of all, is this claim is deceptive to the extreme. The 13 provincial capitals in Syria are the cities of Damascus, Homs, Hama, Dara’a, Lattakia, Tartus, Aleppo, Hassakah, Quneitera, Suweida, Idlib, Raqqa, Deir al-Zor.

Of these, *only 5* are fully held by the regime: Lattakia, Tartus, Suweida, Homs and Hama. Lattakia and Tartus are Alawite-majority cities, whilst Suweida is the capital of the minority Druze. Hama very briefly escaped regime control when locals occupied the city pretty much with bare hands, but this lasted 3 weeks and the army came and reoccupied it. Hama’s problem was that it lay right in the middle of the country and thus far away from any supply lines from Turkey, Jordan, Iraq or Lebanon, and so it was trapped from the start (despite probably being the most anti-regime city). Finally Homs was fiercely disputed between the rebels and the regime before the regime finally occupied it in 2013, after leveling most of the city’s buildings to the ground.

Meanwhile 3 provincial capitals are fully empty from the regime: Quneitera is controlled by the FSA, Idlib by the Jaish al-Fateh military coalition and Raqqa by ISIS. It should be noted that the provincial capital that is almost always mentioned to have escaped the regime is Raqqa, and perhaps sometimes Idlib – Quneitera however is often forgotten.

The rest: Hassakah is mostly held by Kurdish forces (approximately 75% of the city).

Deir al-Zor: overwhelmingly held by ISIS, save for a regime military base holding out under siege.

Dara’a: Divided between rebels and the regime

Aleppo: Divided between rebels and the regime

Damascus: Divided between rebels and the regime

Lets bear that in mind next time you hear “Assad holds almost all of Syria’s provincial capitals”.


Statement from the Revolutionary Local Council of Jarablus on the killing of eleven Syrian refugees by the Turkish Gendarmerie – 19/11/2016

Translated from Arabic

Syrian Arab Republic


Issued by:
The Local Council in Jarablus

With great sorrow and worry, the Local Council in the city of Jarablus received the news of the heinous crime of the killing of eleven Syrian citizens from the city of Jarablus and of the same family at the hands of the Turkish border guard “Gendarmerie” during their attempts to enter Turkish territory.

We in the Local Council in Jarablus condemn this horrific crime against our families fleeing from Al-Assad’s criminal forces and the extremist militias on Syria’s land.

[Subsequently]; We call upon the Turkish government to open an immediate investigation into this horrific event to uncover the circumstances surrounding it and to hold to account those responsible for it from the border guard “Gendarmerie” whose assaults on our defenceless people have become repeated.

[Furthermore]; We highly appreciate the stance of the Turkish government and its people in their standing by the side of the oppressed Syrian people and our Syrian revolution, and as we also appreciate Turkey’s embracing of 3 million displaced Syrians, and we look forward to the understanding of our brethren in Turkey to the needs and straits of our families [people] during this time of distress and their seeking refuge in its warm embrace; for they are their only haven after God and we expect the Turkish border guard “Gendarmerie” to understand and appreciate these needs.

[Furthermore]; We call upon the National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces and the Syrian Interim Government and the Council of the Free Province of Aleppo to coordinate with the Turkish government to prevent the repetition of these types of incidents and to open the border passes in front of the Syrians fleeing from the policy of murder and bombardment and siege which the regime and its helpers pursue towards the sons and daughters of Syria demanding the acquisition of their freedom and dignity.

The Local Council in the City of Jarablus

Xenephobia-fuelling supporter who believes hospitals should be bombed to be hosted by Stop the War Coalition on a conference … for refugees

Tim Anderson – a big supporter of the fascist Syrian regime and cheerleader of its “War on Terror” against the Muslamic savages of Syria, is to be hosted on a conference for refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos. This guy also supports bombing hospitals.

Assad may have gotten much love from the European Far-Right for his fueling of xenophobia towards refugees, but unfortunately it seems that this hasn’t deterred many of his “radical” posturing (read orientalist and closet-Islamophobe) fans on the “left” either.

Of course, this is a guy who says that “millions of Syrians are harbourers of terrorism” (in so doing of course admitting the extent of popular feeling against him, though putting this terrorist sentiment to a “moral crisis” in society). And this is a regime that labels entire rebellious population centres as “terrorist cities“. And this is a state that’s launched an archetypal colonial “War on Terror” (with the blessing of East and West) inside its own borders, employing scales of aerial bombardment not seen since World War 2 (and scales of airforce deployment completely unprecedented within a country’s own borders, surpassing Spain’s Franco and the Guernicas of the 1930s). And this is the force in the conflict whose crimes are washed over because it is heralded as “secular”, including by the likes of Stop the War Coalition (and its opponents labelled “Islamic terrorists” by the same people) – besieging Western Muslims by racist rhetoric from right and left. And this is the force which has raped thousands of women, a rape epidemic in the 21st century yet so silent and unreported on that it will inevitably be remembered with utter shame by “Feminist” and human rights groups soon enough, and of course this is the force which is the reason for most refugees fleeing.

Beyond Anderson, “progressives” who have spent 5 years associating an uprising with (what even Assad admitted to be) its “harbouring” millions with “terrorism” now act surprised/horrified when they find the fascistic and Islamophobic environments Syrian refugees face everywhere. For the last five years I’ve heard more about “Jihadis”, “Wahabbis”, “Takfiris” and radical Islamism from the Western Left than I have from the Right, and that in the era of the Arab Spring: the most important social popular transformations of the day and the greatest struggles for liberation and the greatest counter-revolutions of tyranny (this isn’t to say that extremism isn’t a problem, but counter to what we are told it is not the core yet alone only struggle in the Middle East today). Many of these refugees, overwhelmingly dominated by those displaced from revolution-held and government-blitzkrieged areas (and who still in the majority support the revolution and blame Assad for their displacement, according to every single professional polling of refugees commissioned) would have implicitly been the “sympathisers of terrorism” before they crossed the Syrian border. It is rich for groups like STWUK to talk about Islamophobia whilst they bicker with “the establishment” not on intrinsically opposing and confronting the lexicon of the War on Terror (since they employ that lexicon themselves routinely to others like the Syrian rebels), but rather on who the War on Terror should apply to (i.e. Islamists, not “secular” regimes) – in other words not disputing the fundamentals and underpinning perceptions and prejudices that make up the war on terror but trying to reclaim it for its own narratives (stay in tune for a longer lay-down of STW’s record on this matter).

Its time Stop the War’s leadership start to be challenged and brought to account by those left within the organisation with some wisdom (because they’re too arrogant to listen to anyone else, preferring to see an anti-Corbyn conspiracy everytime they get criticised, as if Syria, the Arab World and the universe revolves around an opposition politician in Britain; perhaps if they tried to look for some Muslims at their public meetings they’d realise that its a bit more than that), because at this rate they’re going to destroy themselves, and this may have very negative and unfortunate consequences for the wider anti-war movement.

Free Manbij Committee statement on US-SDF attack


Statement issued from the Political Committee in the City of Manbij

The “Democratic Union PYD” party represented by its military wing “the Kurdish People’s Protection Units” is laying siege on the city of Manbij from its four directions, and that as part of the military operation undertaken by the Coalition forces against the “ISIS” organisation that has been occupying the city of Manbij and its surroundings since the start of the year 2014. And at the time that the attacking forces try to lay a stranglehold on the city with the intention of cutting the supply routes, the ISIS organisation (Daesh) is at the same time preventing all of the residents from fleeing or departing the city be it for any reason whatsoever, in addition to emptying most of the houses that lie in strategic areas of the city and forcing its people on leaving, so that it takes them after this as headquarters for its ambushes and snipers. And in parallel to this double siege from the attacking and occupying forces together, more than quarter a million inhabitants from the residents of the city are suffering a catastrophic bitter experience from all aspects of security, nutrition and health, where it has begun the signs of loss of food substances to become evident and it is no longer possible to obtain the most vital necessary requisites and in particular baby milk, as well as medicines that have become lost at all and from before the siege.

What is happening in the city of Manbij threatens the occurrence of a big humanitarian catastrophe, especially that the two parties to the conflict are foreign forces coming into the city and are interested in the first degree in achieving their agendas far away from the choices of the original residents who are still and from five years undertaking great suffering and consecutive calamities, as the barrels of of the Assad regime throw upon them the sentences of death from the sky, and the ISIS organisation commit towards them the most heinous of crimes from the ground, and today they are accosted by another danger and no one knows its true manifestations, thus that the civilians from the men and women and children who are of no power or might, are languishing waiting to see how the rockets of death will hail upon them.

We are issuing an urgent call and with the loudest shouts of conscience to all the international actors and humanitarian organisations alerting to the grave danger that result from this painful siege, asserting at the same time that waiting for the crime to occur is nothing but participating in it, as we also insistently call to the American government the possessor of the main decision [making] in this war affirming to it that taking the decision of war obligates the American side to the bearing of the full ethical and humanitarian responsibility for the consequences of that war, as we also call upon the international community in its entirety to the necessity of rapid and effective action to prevent the falling of a humanitarian tragedy which is really on the verge of occurring, and the victims then will not be happy with the issuing of the statements of condemnations and mercy supplications, rather more worthy – if the world’s conscience is protective of its humanitarian values – that it immediately takes the lead on neutralising the civilians [and safeguarding them] from the agonies of this tragedy.

The Political Committee in the City of Manbij

يان صادر عن الهيئة السياسية في مدينة منبج

يقوم حزب( الاتحاد الديمقراطي pyd ) مُمَثّلاً بجناحه العسكري(قوات حماية الشعب الكردي) بإحكام الحصار على مدينة منبج من الجهات الأربع،وذلك ضمن العملية العسكرية التي تقوم بها قوات التحالف ضدّ تنظيم (داعش ) الذي يحتل مدينة منبج وما حولها منذ بداية العام 2014 .وفي الوقت الذي تحاول فيه القوات المُهاجمة تضييق الخناق على المدينة بغية قطع طرق الإمداد،فإن تنظيم داعش يقوم في الوقت نفسه بمنع جميع السكان من النزوح أو مغادرة المدينة لأي سبب كان،فضلاً عن أنه يقوم بإخلاء معظم البيوت التي تقع في أماكن استراتيجية من المدينة وإجبار أهلها على مغادرتها،ليتخذها بعد ذلك مقرّات لكمائنه وقناصاته. وفي موازاة هذا الحصار المزدوج من القوات المُهاجمة والمحتلة معاً، يعاني ما يزيد على ربع مليون نسمة من سكان المدينة تجربة مأسوية مريرة من كافة الجوانب الأمنية والغذائية والصحية،حيث بدأت علائم فقدان المواد الغذائية واضحة ولم يعد الحصول على أهم المستلزمات الضرورية ممكناً وخاصة حليب الأطفال،فضلاً عن الدواء الذي بات مفقوداً في الأصل ومن قبل الحصار. إن ما يجري بمدينة منبج يُنذر بوقوع كارثة إنسانية كبيرة،وخاصة أن طرفي النزاع هما قوات وافدة إلى المدينة ويهمها بالدرجة الأولى تحقيق أجنداتها بعيداً عن خيارات السكان الأصليين الذين مازالوا ومنذ خمس سنوات يخوضون معاناة كبيرة وفجائع متوالية،إذ إن براميل نظام الأسد تلقي عليهم حمم الموت من السماء،وتنظيم داعش يمارس بحقهم أبشع الجرائم من الأرض،واليوم يداهمهم خطر آخر لا أحد يعرف تجلياته الحقيقية،ذلك أن المدنيين من الرجال والنساء والأطفال الذين لا حول لهم ولا قوّة،يقبعون منتظرين كيف ستنهمر عليهم قذائف الموت.إننا نتوجه بالنداء العاجل وبأعلى صيحات الضمير إلى كل الجهات الدولية والمنظمات الإنسانية منبّهين إلى الخطورة البالغة من جرّاء هذا الحصار المؤلم،مؤكّدين في الوقت ذاته على أن انتظار الجريمة لحين وقوعها ما هو إلا اشتراك بها،كما أننا نلحّ بالنداء إلى الحكومة الأمريكية صاحبة القرار الرئيسي في هذه الحرب مؤكّدين لها أن اتخاذ قرار الحرب يوجب على الجانب الأمريكي تحمّل كافة المسؤولية الأخلاقية والإنسانية لتداعيات تلك الحرب،كما نهيب بالمجتمع الدولي كافةً بضرورة التحرك السريع والفعّال لتفادي وقوع مأساة إنسانية حقيقية توشك بالوقوع،ولن يكون بعدها الضحايا سعيدين بصدور بيانات الأستنكار والترحّم،بل من الأجدى- إن كان الضمير العالمي حريصا على قيمه الإنسانية – أن يبادر فورا لتحي يد المدنيين من ويلات هذه المأساة.

الهيئة السياسية في مدينة منبج
11 – 6 – 2016


Statement from Free Manbij Political Committee on potential upcoming SDF attack

Syrian Arab Republic
Province of Free Aleppo
The Political Committee in the City of Manbij and its Countryside

Statement issued from the Political Committee in the City of Manbij

The PYD “Democratic Union” represented by its military wing “People’s Protection Units” is attempting to control the cities and towns and villages of the Eastern countryside of Aleppo, supported by the forces of the US-led International Coalition which takes the responsibility of providing its forces with aerial cover in addition to the offering of all types of financial and logistical support, and that under the slogan of fighting terrorism represented in the “ISIS” organisation. The last few days have witnessed rapid advances by these forces towards the city of Manbij with the intention of taking control over it and kicking out the ISIS organisation.  And perhaps there ought to be no need to remind that the Free Army from the children of the city of Manbij are the first who began fighting ISIS, and were able to expel it from the city on January 5th 2014. And after the return of the organisation to the city the people of Manbij organised a strike which was the first of its kind, embodying their refusal of the presence of this terrorist organisation in their city, but the struggles for regional and international interests on the Syrian arena which resulted in the weakening of the Free Army and its exhaustion, and likewise the ability of the Assad regime to use this struggle and employ terrorist organisations to hit at the revolutionary forces, all of this opened the room for Daesh to expand and penetrate into the Syrian land, the issue that transformed it into a power necessitating large international efforts to uproot it. And whilst we strongly support any party that fights terrorism and aims to undermine it, we also on the other hand affirm and strongly that fighting terrorism should not result in its replacement with another terrorist side, and we mean by that that our resistance to terrorism derives from fundamentals and determinants dictated on us by the values and principles of the Syrian revolution and these could be stated as the following:

1 – That the great Syrian Revolution is a revolution of an oppressed people which demanded its freedom and dignity and the overthrow of the tyrannical Assadist regime, and the establishment of the state of justice and law and citizenship, and is represented by the Free Army (with all its negatives and positives), and the two sides that are fighting now for the control of Manbij do not hold these agendas, rather each of these sides hold their own [specific] project that they are fighting for.

2 – Perhaps everyone has come to know that the presence of the ISIS organisation in our areas is a result of a regional and international accordance, and the removal of this organisation or its uprooting will not occur except with International agreement, and specifically, “Turkish-American” agreement. The Assad regime has benefited a great benefit from this disagreement and was able to employ ISIS and others in lengthening its stay in power.

3 – Fighting the ISIS organisation and expelling it from our areas is no longer a local choice, not least that it requires the support of regional or international powers which can provide sufficient aerial and logistical cover, and these issues exceed the capabilities of the Free Army which has [long been] drained and weakened in an intentional and well-planned way.

4 – The sibling Kurds are an authentic component from the components [demographics] of the Syrian people and they have rights that have long been violated throughout the passing of tyrannical ruling regimes in Syria, and the demanding of those rights is the duty of all Syrians not just Kurds. As for the “PYD Democratic Union”it is a faction that does not represent all the Kurdish people with the evidence its disagreement with most Kurdish forces and parties, as for it now enjoying military power and American support and attempting to force its specific agendas on our cities and towns, our speech to it is what follows: Firstly: If you want for your presence to have Syrian national legitimacy, then that legitimacy rather resides in the identification of your behaviour and goals with the aspirations of the Syrian people in bringing down the tyrannical state and Assadist terrorism and the setting up of a free Syria a state of citizenship [belonging] to all its citizens. Secondly: That you today, by the judgement of the current international and regional balances – possess a large military force and enjoy the support of large global powers, and you are seeking to control the city of Manbij and what surrounds it from cities and towns and villages under the slogan of expelling the ISIS organisation, and you now are very close from entering these cities and towns; therefore the safety and security of those cities and the preserving of the lives of its people and their properties and the safeguarding of their dignities, and staying away from revengeful and vindictive practices, and the respect of the geographic and demographic natures of these areas are the test of your honesty and the legitimacy of your words which we have been long accustomed to hearing. So if you succeed in this test then all the doors of discussion are open between us and you, for the nation is for everybody and fits [is wide enough for] everybody; as for if you deduce that your possession of power and land permits you to trespass on the rights then you will affirm that your presence will not differ from the presence of any other occupier, and especially that the very recent memory still retains the details of what happened in Tel Abyad and the villages and towns of the Northern countryside of Aleppo. And the fabricated media interviews that become engineered with some of the compelled residents will not be a measure of that popular support which we know that you are in dire need of, noting that we should remember always that the Kurds are the ones who were subject to injustice and oppression, and one does not presume that a side that seeks to get rid of injustice can do so through practicing it over others.

The great Syrian revolution will succeed with the aid of God without a doubt, and the current balances of power are not the first or last determinant, and we also affirm that Manbij and its environs is a part of Syria, and that the revolution is a revolution for all Syrians and not the revolution of Manbij only.

Long live Syria Free and Dignified, and perpetuity for the souls of our noble martyrs

The political committee in the city of Manbij


الجمهورية العربية السورية
محافظة حلب الحرة
الهيئة السياسية في مدينة منبج و ريفها

بيان صادر عن الهيئة السياسية في مدينة منبج

يسعى حزب (الاتحاد الديمقراطي pyd ) ممُثّلاً بجناحه العسكري( قوات حماية الشعب) إلى السيطرة على مدن وبلدات وقرى ريف حلب الشرقي،مدعوما بقوات التحالف الدولي بقيادة الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية التي تتولّى قواتها التغطية الجوية الكاملة إضافة إلى تقديم كل أشكال الدعم االمادي واللوجستي،وذلك تحت شعار محاربة الإرهاب مُمثلاً بتنظيم (داعش). وقد شهدت الأيام القليلة الماضية زحفاً لهذه القوات تجاه مدينة منبج بغية السيطرة عليها وطرد تنظيم داعش. ولعلّ لا حاجة للتذكير بأن الجيش الحر من أبناء مدينة منبج هو أول من بدأ بمحاربة تنظيم داعش،وتمكن من طرده من المدينة في 5 كانون الثاني 2014 ، وبعد عودة التنظيم إلى المدينة نفّذ أهالي منبج إضراباً هو الأول من نوعه مجسّدين رفضهم لوجود لهذا التنظيم الإرهابي في مدينتهم،ولكنّ صراع المصالح الإقليمية والدولية على الساحة السورية والتي أفضت إلى إضعاف الجيش الحر واستنزافه،وكذلك قدرة نظام الأسد على استثمار هذا الصراع وتوظيف الجماعات الإرهابية لضرب قوى الثورة،كل ذلك أتاح المجال لداعش أن تتمدّد وتتغوّل في الأرض السورية،الأمر الذي أحالها إلى قوّة يتطلّب استئصالها جهوداً دولية كبيرة. إننا إذ نؤيد بقوّة أيّ جهة تحارب الإرهاب وتسعى إلى تقويضه،فإننا من جهة أخرى نؤكّد وبقوّة على أن محاربة الإرهاب يجب ألّا تفضي إلى استبداله بطرف إرهابي آخر،ونعني بذلك أن مقاومتنا للإرهاب تنطلق من ثوابت ومحدّدات تمليها علينا قيم ومبادىء الثورة السورية ويمكن بيانها بما يلي:

1 – إن الثورة السورية العظيمة هي ثورة شعب مقهور طالب بالحرية الكرامة وإسقاط نظام الاستبداد الأسدي،وإقامة دولة العدل والقانون والمواطنة،ويمثله الجيش الحر(بكل سلبياته وإيجابياته)والطرفان اللذان يتقاتلان الآن على السيطرة على منبج لا يحملان هذه الأجندة،بل لكل طرف مشروعه الخاص الذي يقاتل من أجله.

2 – لعلّ الجميع بات يعلم أن وجود تنظيم داعش في مناطقنا هو نتيجة توافق إقليمي ودولي،وزوال هذا التنظيم أو اجتثاثه لن يتم إلا بتوافق دولي، وحصراً، توافق( أمريكي – تركي).وقد استفاد نظام الأسد فائدة عظيمة من هذا الخلاف واستطاع توظيف داعش وسواها في إطالة بقائه في السلطة.

3 – قتال تنظيم داعش وطرده من مناطقنا لم يعد خياراً محليّاً،فضلاً عن أنه يستوجب دعم قوّة إقليمية أو دولية توفّر غطاء جوياً ولوجستياً كافياً،وهذه الأمور تفوق قدرات الجيش الحر الذي تم استنزافه وإضعافه بطريقة مقصودة ومُخطط لها بإتقان.

4 – الإخوة الأكراد هم مكوّن أصيل من مكونات الشعب السوري ولهم حقوق تم انتهاكها طيلة تعاقب الأنظمة المستبدة على الحكم في سورية،والمطالبة بهذه الحقوق هي من واجب السوريين جميعاً وليس الأكراد فحسب. أما حزب (الاتحاد الديمقراطي pyd) فهو فصيل لا يمثل كل أطياف الشعب الكردي بدليل خلافه مع معظم القوى والأحزاب الكردية، أمّا وأنه الآن يحظى بقوة عسكرية ودعم أمريكي ويسعى لفرض أجندته الخاصة على مدننا وبلداتنا،فإن خطابنا له هو التالي: أولاً: إذا أردتم أن يكون لوجودكم مشروعية وطنية سورية،فإن هذه المشروعية إنما تكمن في تماهي سلوككم وأهدافكم مع طموحات الشعب السوري في إسقاط دولة الاستبداد والإرهاب الأسدي وقيام سورية الحرة دولة المواطنة لكل السوريين. ثانياً:إنكم اليوم،وبحكم التوازنات الدولية والإقليمية الراهنة – تمتلكون قوة عسكرية كبيرة وتحظون بدعم قوة عالمية كبرى،وتسعون للسيطرة على مدينة منبج وما حولها من مدن وبلدات وقرى تحت شعار طرد تنظيم داعش،والآن أنتم قاب قوسين أو أدنى من الدخول إلى تلك المدن والبلدات،فإن سلامة وأمن تلك المدن والحفاظ على أرواح أهلها وممتلكاتهم وصون كرامتهم،والابتعاد عن الممارسات الانتقامية والثأرية،واحترام الطبيعة الجغرافية والديموغرافية لتلك المناطق هي امتحان لمصداقيتكم وشرعية خطابكم الذي اعتدنا سماعه،فإن نجحتم بهذا الامتحان فإن كافة أبواب الحوار مفتوحة بيننا وبينكم،فالوطن للجميع ويتسع الجميع،أمّا ّإذا اعتبرتم أن حيازة القوة والأرض تبيح لكم التجاوز على الحقوق فإنكم عندئذٍ تؤكدون أن وجودكم لن يختلف عن وجود أي محتل آخر،وخاصة أن الذاكرة القريبة جداً مازالت تحتفظ بتفصيلات كل ما جرى في تل أبيض وقرى وبلدات الريف الشمالي من حلب .ولن تكون المقابلات الإعلامية المفبركة التي تتم هندستها مع بعض السكان المجبرين على القول مقياساً لوجود تأييد شعبي نعلم أنكم بأمسّ الحاجة إليه، علماً أننا يجب أن نتذكر دوما أن الأكراد هم ممّن تعرّض للظلم والاضطهاد،ولا أعتقد أن طرفاً يسعى للتخلص من الظلم من خلال ممارسة الظلم على الآخرين.

إن الثورة السورية العظيمة ستنتصر بعون الله لا محالة،وأن موازين القوى الراهنة ليست المقياس الأول والأخير،كما نؤكد أن منبج وما حولها هي جزء من سورية،وأن الثورة هي ثورة جميع السوريين وليست ثورة منبج وحسب.

عاشت سورية حرة أبية ، والخلود لأرواح الشهداء الأبرار

الهيئة السياسية في مدينة منبج.

6 – 6 – 2016

8th June 2016: Russia Dropping Napalm in Aleppo | Israel Declares Support for Russian/Assad bombardment | Collective punishment of Iraqi civilians in Fallujah | Stop the War Coalition UK to host “Bombing hospitals OK” Assad supporter on event for refugees

8th June 2016: Russia Dropping Napalm in Aleppo

This is not the first time Russia/Assad drop the internationally-banned Napalm in Syria.

Syria Daily, Dec 28: Has Assad Regime Used Napalm on Civilians in Homs?

Assad/Russia have also dropped White Phosphorus.


8th June 2016: Israel declares support for Russia’s bombardment of civilians and the Syrian revolutionaries.

Again, this is not the first time that Israel declares such support. It has also been coordinating with Russia in Syria and offered intelligence on the Syrian opposition. The Syrian regime is also using Israeli drones in its fight against Syrian revolutionary forces and rebel groups.

Of course, most indicatively, it was Israel that proposed the 2013 US-Russian deal that supposedly ‘spared’ Assad of Obama’s show/’punitive’ (wrist-slapping) strikes.

8th June 2016: 300 Iraqi Sunni civilians reportedly executed by US and Iranian-backed sectarian Shia militias around Fallujah. This follows reports of torture, starvation and humiliation by the West’s pro-Iran allies.

8th June 2016: Faux-anti-imperialist and falsely-named Stop the War Coalition UK group to perversely host outright Assad supporter, who has most recently stated “Sometimes its okay to bomb hospitals”, on an event for refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos. Despite the wishes of the West’s War on Terror Islamophobes on both right and left (nicknamed the “red-brown” alliance for Syria), most Syrian refugees are fleeing the Assad regime, not ISIS or any other faction.


8th June 2016: Footage from the daily massacres in Syria (Aleppo)

Another hospital bombed in Aleppo

“We’re in Ramadan, the people are having suhoor [pre-fast supper] and fasting. Where are the Arabs? Where is the Islam? Feel O Arabs feel, feel! If you have an atom of humanity, you would feel. When people died in Paris you [all stood up and didn’t sit down]… Massacres, we’re having massacres! Feel O Arabs, feel! Fear God in [regarding] us, fear God in [regarding] us!”

Syrian activist-journalist (shown ‘presenting’ in the videos above):

“We are no longer capable of distinguishing between thermobaric rockets and cluster rockets and phosphorus and Napalm! The ways of killing us [now] all look similar!

But so you know, the worst type of death killing us is your silence and your dereliction.”


“To the Islamic Ummah [nation] we complain of our condition, and Ramadan has arrived for us whilst Syrians are under the tents… not even tents, look at our condition, under blankets… and my brother was martyred from 3 days… I complain of our condition to the Islamic Ummah and those who fear God… They kicked me out of Sheikh Issa and the Kurds took it and I was thrown here… Where am i supposed to go with these [children and wife] when I’m disabled?… Fear God in [regarding] us, fear God in us O you who kill us, fear God in us O America, fear God in us O Dawa’esh [ISIS], they’re killing the Syrian people because they say there is no God but God [i.e. Muslim]… [To ISIS] You’re punishing people’s faults… you want to fight the kuffar [from Muslim terminology: “people who knowingly reject the truth”… go fight them, why are you coming to us? You’re all coming from all over the world to conspire against us… still the rotten Iran [are here], still Bashar al-Assad who’s caused a million martyrs [is here]… Where do we go, do we fly to God? I swear if it was not haram [forbidden] to commit suicide I would’ve commited suicide… We are complaining of our condition to God”

Comment: “A Syrian refugee in a tent with his family curses the US, Daesh, Iran and Bashar al-Assad. See, its possible. Take it from someone kicked out of his home and is now disabled in one of his arms. His cursing of the last two though made him a “Sunni extremist” in the eyes of the US, which has bombed the people of every area that rebelled in Syria in 2011 (i.e. from the 1200+ civilians killed by the US will be those who protested against Assad and his ally Maliki): Homs, Aleppo, Idlib, Raqqa and Deir al-Zor – whilst not once bombing either the Assad regime or its dozens of allied militias; pretending to be an opponent of the Assad regime whilst declaring since 2012 that rebels “cannot militarily win this conflict” and declaring their opposition to any regime “collapse” (Assad is to be persuaded to resign like Mubarak) – in the process blockading the supply of defensive and qualitative weaponry for his victims and giving the regime license to use an airforce against his people on a duration and scale never before seen in an intra-state conflict/civil war. When you have someone using their airforce on a *literal* daily basis (this is what people just cannot imagine or understand, or appreciate the significance of, that this has literally been the case – levels of continuous aerial deployment that exceeded anything before in history) over 5 years, to level large areas of the country to the ground, you don’t stop them: they’re doing what you yourself could only dream of.

Like in Spain but moreso in Syria, a declaredly fascist regime offers its benefits: you can’t be politically judged for its misdoings since you’re not providing them the weaponry yourself (as the West couldn’t be politically judged at home for what Hitler was doing before 1939, even though they appeased him and actually undermined his enemies in places like Spain) – all you have to do is close the door on those trying to help its enemies.
Ironically, this man’s mentioning of Iran and Bashar al-Assad would also make him a Sunni extremist in the eyes of America’s unlikely “War on Terror” bedfellows in much of the Western left: people like Tim Anderson, who is being hosted by the largest “anti-war” movement in the UK, Stop the War Coalition, in an event in Greece on refugees (how perverse this is cannot be put into words – most refugees are fleeing Assad). These are the “leftist” War on Terror propagandists who have said nothing about Assad’s (non-bearded) genocide, the “International Coalition” (read US airforce) outright support and coordination with him, including their bombing of mainstream resistance factions in 2014-15, the SDF (YPG’s) abuses (because they’re leftists like them), or the abuses of the pro-Iran Shia militias in Iraq (because whilst they never stop talking about 2003 none of them actually care about the current reality in Iraq).
It was said that taking the right position in Syria was important from the start. Little did these truly faux anti-imperialists know they would eventually end up on the same side – initially on that of the “anti-establishment” xenophobes of the far-right (Front Nationale, UKIP, Golden Dawn), but eventually, as you would expect, on the same side of the establishments which shifted that way as well.


The orientalist racialism of Tony Blair and Stop the War Coalition meet as both declare: “Syrian revolutionaries are extremists”



[This post was originally started a few months ago but has been posted belatedly]

Contradictions abound for Stop the War Coalition as Tony Blair echoes them and says: most of Assad’s enemies are extremists.

The report in question, “If the Castle Falls” (Assad is the “castle”), is one of the most ridiculous, arbitrary pieces of “intelligence” gathering that I’ve ever seen, giving Blair’s Iraq dossier a good run for its money. Its so arbitrary that it places declaredly FSA groups such as Nour al-Din al-Zanki as more conservative than groups like Jamaat al Imam Bukhari, a Taliban-affiliated group; or FSA batallions such as Tajamu’ Fastaqim Kama Umirt as more conservative than Islamic Front ones like Liwa al-Tawhid [*though Liwa al-Tawhid is now effectively defunct and alongside Fastaqim Kama Umirt forms part of the Levant Front, which puts itself under the umbrella of the FSA ; ** incidentally Liwa al-Tawhid’s previous membership of the Islamic Front is not meant as a criticism of it – just to state that the Islamic Front’s ideological program is more conservative than that of the FSA; though that being said distinctions between categorised “Islamist” and non-categorised “Islamist” groups in Syria are often vastly overplayed, with the lack of nuance in using the term often making it largely useless in contexts such as Syria] – to name but a few of the (very many) idiocies within the report.


Article below


Most Syrian rebels sympathise with Isis, says thinktank

Centre on Religion and Geopolitics says at least 65,000 jihadi fighters could fill vacuum if Islamic State was defeated

Al-Nusra Front fighters. The report warned about leaving the group unchallenged.
Al-Nusra Front fighters. The report warned about leaving the group unchallenged. Photograph: Reuters

More than half of the rebel fighters in Syria who are opposing President Bashar al-Assad are sympathetic to Islamic State views, a leading thinktank has claimed.

The Centre on Religion and Geopolitics said efforts to wipe out Isis in Syria and Iraq would not end the global threat from jihadi groups because extremist views were common among Syrian fighters of all stripes.

At least 15 militias, numbering 65,000 fighters, could fill any vacuum resulting from a defeat of Isis in Syria and Iraq by a coalition led by the US, a report by the thinktank found.

About 60% of fighters in rebel factions in Syria identified with a religious and political ideology similar to that of the terror group, it added.

The thinktank, run by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, said: “The west risks making a strategic failure by focusing only on IS. Defeating it militarily will not end global jihadism. We cannot bomb an ideology, but our war is ideological.”

The report comes after the United Nations agreed a resolution endorsing the start of “urgent” formal negotiations between Assad’s regime and moderate opposition groups early next month.

But the centre warned the radical groups, including al-Qaida affiliate al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham, could benefit if they went “unchallenged”.

It added: “If Isis is defeated, there are at least 65,000 fighters belonging to other Salafi-jihadi groups ready to take its place.

“The greatest danger to the international community are the groups that share the ideology of Isis, but are being ignored in the battle to defeat the group.

“While military efforts against Isis are necessary, policy makers must recognise that its defeat will not end the threat of Salafi-jihadism unless it is accompanied by an intellectual and theological defeat of the pernicious ideology that drives it.”