Are the US and Russia collaborating in the burning of Aleppo?




Assad’s government has broken any precedent of domestic airforce use (the prior “record” had been held by Franco’s Spain): That World War Two levels of aerial warfare could be deployed in the 21st century (and moreso by a petty, non-imperialist actor like the Syrian government) could only be made possible by the inter-imperialist policy of “Good Cop Bad Cop” shown in this cartoon. The Syria-Spain analogies do not go only to the issue of “foreign fighters” – but much more poignantly to inter-imperialist (also Western-Russian as it happened) complicity with a definable fascist regime and the betrayal of its democratic opposition (using the excuse that they were “communists” then, and “Islamists” today).

[Captions: Putin: “I will help you in killing Syrians” – Obama: “And I will prevent them from having advanced weaponry and safe zones”)

Syrians know that it is the US and Russia – not Syrians and Iraqis – who are the main powers responsible for the rise of ISIS.


#AleppoIsBurning #حلب_تحترق 



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