To anyone who follows this blog

I’m a student with serious procrastination issues. There are many posts that I would love to publish but unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, find it difficult to. This is stressful for me (also makes me feel quite guilty that I can’t), especially that time doesn’t wait for anyone and the events on which I am writing about are current ones.

In this post I am updating a list of draft posts/titles which I have yet to publish and/or write on this blog. Some are drafts which I’ve just not finished or submitted and some are just titles. Many of these may be repeated, as they’re often thoughts that I jot down at a specific moment in time. If anyone is interested in taking from these themes/title and expanding on them please let me know.

I hopefully will start uploading more and more things (like Facebook posts) that I have written elsewhere, although again there is a massiveĀ backlog there.


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