[FB posts/27/03/16]

[Incidentally you won’t hear the Assad-apologists of Stop  the War cite this “Western foreign policy hypocrisy” or “source of radicalisation” – one of the many, many amazing contradictions and deductions from the “anti-imperialism” (long list to be expanded upon hopefully in a seperate post soon) narrative they pretend to propagate (i.e. in other words, its not anti-imperialism, its reductive shallow counter-establishment posture, more about appearing on the other side of the most recent governmental statement than analysing and opposing the underlying strategy)]




Western ‘experts’ lecture Muslims on Syria (FB comment dialogue)

Favoured quote from a White Knight in the comment board (addressing a Syrian): “Someone has to speak up for the majority of Syrians”

Muslim-“Leftist” dialogue highlighted here can be found in the sub-comments under the most-liked comment of Assad’s “Free and Fair” elections.

Of course the most depressing thing is the degree of Assad support in the comments in general, a direct product of the “alternative” far-right-far-left agreement on rehabilitating Assad on Syria. What do you think Syrians think when they look at this?