Brief thoughts: Syrians’ rejection of the so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces” sends a clear message to the US – We define our revolution, not you

Syrians today in Aleppo hosting a banner reading “The people want the fall of the regime” and “the revolution continues”, and singing an iconic song of the Syrian revolution: “Heaven heaven heaven, our homeland is heaven, even its hell is heaven”.
Notice also the banner rejecting the US-created “Syrian Democratic Forces”, which has been advancing in Aleppo under the cover of Russian airstrikes (and advancing in the East aided by US special ground forces – something our “anti-imperialist” friends have missed). When it created the “SDF” the US was trying to essentially reframe the “legitimate” opposition in Syria, and of course like the US the SDF was a “rebel” group in name/rhetoric only, and far from it in deed. It consisted of the regime-collaborating YPG, the outright regime-supporting Sanadaeed (something a lot of people don’t know – the US is arming two sets of declared Assad loyalists in Syria: the Sanadeed SDF as well as the various Iraq militias), and the fighting remnants allied with the notorious rebel warlord, Jamal Maarouf, grouped in the so-called “Jaish al-Thuwar”. Maarouf was known for his corruption (including reportedly hoarding weapons and preventing their use against the regime) and yet unsurprisingly was practically the only real US ally amongst rebels on the ground before US support of the YPG began (he was eventually exiled by a rebel coalition in 2014). It should be noted also that the SDF’s political programme makes no mention of Assad whatsoever, and a SDF spokesman recently declared that the regime’s presence in their areas “did not constitute a burden on us or the Syrian people”.
The rejection of the SDF sends a clear message to the US: Syrians define their revolution, not them.

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