Stop the War Coalition, Counterpunch, Jacobin and the rest of the ‘War on Terror Left’ are not to blame for the Syrian war – they are to blame for this

A few months ago Stop the War coalition released an article in response to the attacks it had been sustaining from the UK-based Syria Solidarity Movement and community, titled: “Now we know who is responsible for the war in Syria. It’s Stop the War Coalition”. The piece was a complete strawman’s fallacy, attempting to transform the criticism towards them as due to their “opposition to British airstrikes” (which they didn’t all even share, with George Galloway declaring support for current UK airstrikes in Iraq, as well as prospectively in Syria “if coordinated with the Syrian regime” – and Diane Abbot calling the undertaking of airstrikes in Iraq as “legal”, and “right”  if part of a wider strategy) – which the Syrian solidarity movement and Community in the UK shared – rather than because of their continuous demonisation of the Syrian people and the extremely dangerous portrayal of their uprising as a terrorist threat.


Stop the War Coalition’s very own Counter-insurgency document (not a single Arab signatory it should be noted)

The likes of Stop the War may not be blamed for the Syrian War, however they can be blamed for perceptions of it. They can be blamed for things like this, something I came across earlier today: the highest-rated comments underneath this video (open link in Facebook):

There are literally hundreds of such examples, hundreds of times of that heart-wrenching feeling takes place when you read the Zionist-emulating rhetoric of “kill the terrorists/rebels, wipe them out”. What’s even worse though is that its put in an “alternative” frame, a true wolf in sheep’s clothing (well, as much of a sheep as you can be whilst saying kill). What do Syrians feel when they read things like this, to add insult to all their already existing woes? That heart-wrenching feeling to read coming not only from the “right” but also from the “left”. Who else remains?

And how can these narratives have been allowed to come so far to dominate?

What a truly terrible time we live in.

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