On the anniversary of Mubarak’s resignation, a reminder of the things Egypt’s revolutionaries would have been called if he refused to resign

On the anniversary of Mubarak’s resignation, this is a reminder for those today supposedly lamenting the “revolution’s loss” of the sort of things they would be saying if Mubarak didn’t resign and the uprising subsequently became armed (as it turns out unfortunately the only thing seemingly possible against these military regimes) – and when (not if) the West subsequently “supported” the Egyptian opposition that emerged, against this regime it had been forced to distance itself from in this new era of bluff-calling Middle-Eastern democracy (indeed people seem to forget that a. Obama did eventually say that Mubarak had to leave, and he left a day after he made that statement, and b. Obama said that Mubarak had to leave after a month of protests, not the 6 months it took for him to say the same about Assad – indeed people at the time were asking “why is the US still not saying that Assad has to leave” [Link 1, Link 2, Link 3]),  these people today would’ve been saying “the revolution shouldn’t have gotten armed” and/or “the revolution was a conspiracy against Mubarak which the US was already planning since 2005 when it demanded multi-candidate elections (as Mubarak himself stated was the “start” of the conspiracy), because he was not completely obedient to the US and was against the US using the Suez Canal as much as they wanted and refused to send troops to Iraq”:







These are the type of articles that would be shared shared today by the likes of Counterpunch, Jacobin, Stop the War Coalition and the rest of the counter-conformist scabbing left. Remember also that Mohammed Morsi was also decried the newest “US proxy” in the lead-up to the counter-revolutionary coup of 2013 which was met by a deafening silence by the “anti-imperialist” left:

Ultimately these people care nothing about actual solidarity with revolting oppressed peoples but care only about appearing “alternative” to whatever rhetoric (even if bullshit and feigning) their leaders are peddling out at that moment in time. They will peddle crap about “imperialist proxyism” by refugees who have the temerity to ask for anything that stops the (colonially-founded and sourced) bombs which have destroyed their homes, speaking from a high horse about complicity with imperialism” – whilst campaigning for larger public spending at home and claiming benefits from the same “imperialist state”:

Meanwhile the revolutionaries dying, faulted for not being the agency-less victims their Western compatriots could then posture with, would be called:
“Islamist Extremists”
“Destabilising Proxies”

The revolutions continue and glory to the martyrs, and shame to all those who betrayed them.

الثورة مستمرة والمجد للشهداء12189480_949534535119122_2956459061236266609_o.jpg


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