Why are the Taliban excluded from the negative examples of “regime change”?

[From FB post]

Note the subtly-orientalist secular bias when those who say (be they Trump or Sanders) “look at what happens when we ‘take out’ those secular dictators” never say “look at what happened when we took the Taliban out” (incidentally a 15 year insurgency – much longer than Libya’s post-Qadaffi troubles) – because the Taliban are dangerous turbanned Muzzies innit, unlike the wise, harsh-but-necessary Qadaffis and Assads (who we apparently don’t like but think they should get overthrown by flowers). Also of course we’ll sound terrible if we say something like that.

[Another example incidentally of how so many within the left seemed to have forgotten all the grievances they used to cite which were the springing beds for al-Qaeda etc, and jumped on the completely opposite bandwagon of “LOOK AL QAEDA” when it appeared on the opposite side of an indigenous post-colonial (colonial remnant) state instead of an “original” current-colonial one (all you need to see is how the likes of al-Qaeda etc were considered part of “the resistance” when they were fighting the US in Iraq and then reverted suitably back to “terrorists” when they were fighting the colonially-founded regime in Syria). Not that it needs mentioning but of course this is not to state that the likes of al-Qaeda or the Taliban were the solution to the region’s colonial hangovers, but to note that they were the product of it similarly to being the product of direct present colonial intervention.]

Bernie Sanders is the latest Western-narcissistic orientalist idiot, telling Hilary Clinton how “she needs to consider the consequences of these regime changes she rushes into” as if there weren’t country-wide rebellions going on, what planets do these people live on? How fucked up is it when the progressive option in these situations happen to coincide with the “genuine” neocons (as opposed to war on terror ones) instead of the left, how fucked up is that? and if he doesn’t know he’s an idiot, maybe he should look across the platform and see how his supposed opposites Trump and Cruz are saying exactly the same thing.


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