“You’re either with us or with the terrorists” – say Bush’s “leftist” disciples

John Ross, “Socialist Action”, arguing for “imperialist intervention” to back Syrian regime.

“Everything else is just empty talk or aids ISIS”


Never ceases to amaze me incidentally how easy Stop the War types don’t mind platforming/agreeing with Iraq War supporters when they meet on Syria – goes to show just how emotionally disconnected they are from the decisions and moral responsibilities of “Imperialism” and how there might be an element of viewing this all as just a game.

(Note: Not necessarily including “Elliot Murphy” below as a Bush disciple (a la John Ross, John Wight and the various other War on Terror leftist hawks) –  don’t know him or the extent of his views – just sharing the exchange)

(Crispin Blunt was a consistent supporter of the Iraq War, though he claims that the aftermath shows he was mistaken. But has he ever publicly apologised for it? (at least before being hosted on STW platform?) I have asked him this directly and am awaiting a response – if he has publicly apologised please let me know)

(Updates – Responses)


The reality is that there are effectively 4 positions on Syria: pro-Iraq, anti-Assad (you can call these “genuine neocons”, a la John Mccain – increasingly rare), pro-Iraq, effectively pro-Assad (e.g. Hillary Benn, whose record of voting for “imperialist intervention” failed only in 2013 whilst Assad’s genocide was ongoing), anti-Iraq, effectively pro-Assad (STW elements, authoritarian left), anti-Iraq, anti-Assad (us).



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