US agrees to Assad transition and participation in elections: Abandonment of Arab Awakening complete

The US agrees with Russia to Assad running “transitional” period and running in elections in 2017, stating that “we might disagree over Assad’s fate but we agree on the necessity of political process” – coinciding with Russia’s statement that “Only political process can decide Assad’s fate”.

For the past 5 years there were two narratives on Syria, one that the US was attempting to overthrow the Syrian state, the other (from 5 years worth of statements from people on the ground, who have of course been the most ignored in Western “expert” coverage of Syria in both mainstream and “alternative” media) that the US has been hiding under the cover of diplomatic rhetoric whilst consistently undermining the Syrian rebellion, and would eventually accept the remaining of the regime (eventually even compromising vis a vis its “head”).

Who was right about Syria now?

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