FB paste: On the “conspiracy” of ISIS

ISIS may be the the most “facilitated” enemy in human history. By the Iraqi government, Syrian government, the Americans who allowed them to rise by ignoring warnings about them in the first place, and now the Russians who are bombing anyone but them.

This is NOT to state that ISIS is a foreign insertion. Is there something conspiratorial about how they got to where they are? Yes, that is what I’m saying. Am I saying that they were inserted from abroad without local dynamics? No. This argument fails to recognise that even if they all came from Mars, there was a receptive environment and population for them. ISIS was also attempted to be “introduced” during the US occupation of Iraq, but was defeated by Sunni tribes who were promised inclusive government. They didn’t get it, and so ISIS is now a popular *movement*, however unpalatable that fact is.

And the reasons it is popular is because of one common thread that everyone wants to avoid mentioning, because it has been talked about in a negative light for so long that its now come to resemble the boy who cried wolf (except that the boy who is now crying wolf is actually a new boy who used to refute those who once cried wolf – who are, in a further irony, no longer crying wolf): Iran, and the unpopularity of its client governments in Iraq and Syria, and a situation made so sectarian through its policies that it has allowed ISIS to pose as a Sunni counterweight to Shiite aggression. Ironically (to some, expectedly to others), it is as the West changes its rhetoric towards Iran that its regional popularity has reached an unprecedented low. Unfortunately, many have still not caught up with that reality.

Has ISIS “not been fought”, as Russophiles have claimed? No, ISIS has been fought and thousands of its fighters, as well as hundreds of civilians, have been killed by the Americans. Does this equate into “has there been full genuineness into eradicating it”? No, not necessarily, and this could be seen in various places where it has launched campaigns across open areas of desert with no interception.

There has been global complicity in the rise of ISIS. But to put its rise on an alien invasion is incorrect, and separate from reality. There might very well have been a conspiracy, but that is not where the conspiracy lies.


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