A new low from Stop the War Coalition

Stop the War Coaltiion have rescinded an invitation to a Syrian member of the UK-based Syria Solidarity Movement, Abdul Aziz Al-Mashi, who was due to speak at a local Birmingham event – because they were “told” (presumably by their national leadership) that the Syria Solidarity movement “supported an imperialist-imposed No-Fly zone” (that didn’t stop them jumping on a record London demo for refugees organised by the Syria Solidarity Movement two weeks earlier however).

As it happens, there is a variety of opinions within the Syria Solidarity Movement on the subject, and two SSM members have written on opposing a NFZ (mainly because it’s the exact opposite of what is currently happening, with both the US and Russia bombing Syrian rebels and coordinating the same airspace with the Assad regime). You can read their articles here and here.

What makes this absolutely insane however, is that one of the panel’s speakers (whose invitation has most certainly not been rescinded) is a member of the PYD, i.e. the *only* force serving as a ground force for the current “imperialist airstrikes” in Syria, and one which has repeatedly praised the “imperialist US” for its airstrikes (and asked them for more).

And we’re supposed to believe there’s no socialist “bias”, right?

 Birmingham Stop the War


Just in case there is any doubt as to the vacuous, ideologically inconsistent, unprincipled hypocrisy of the pro-fascist Stop the War Coalition.

Let STWC continue its hemorrhage of British Muslim support.


3 thoughts on “A new low from Stop the War Coalition

  1. It isn’t “socialist” bias, it is Assadist bias. I understand your point, but could be misunderstood, especially as many in the Syria Solidarity Movement are socialists. The following sentnece was a much better description of the ideological nature of Stop Some Wars.

    • I think it is clearly socialist bias, a fact which I think reasonable minded socialists (including friends in SSM!) would agree to. The YPG isn’t an Assadist force, its a socialist one, and its credentials is why its got the outpouring of support amongst the Western left. This isn’t to say that all socialists are like that, obviously, and like I said some I know have criticised this bias.

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