Article titles/themes *(for expansion)* [UPDATED]

Hi everyone. The below are a few random article titles which have been drafts for way too long. I wanted to put them out there for anyone who would like to take them (or ideas/themes within them) and expand upon, as I don’t know if I will be able to do so anytime soon:

– How the unlikely duo of Abdullah and Khamenei served as the cornerstones of the US response to the Arab awakening
– Reverse orientalism: Analyses about Syria are about everything but Syria
– When the US accepts allies: Reactionism and the poisonous ‘T’ word
– Syria’s revolutionary Islamists a far cry from Egypt’s MB
– It is not only Western establishments that must be brought to account for Syria, but the ‘anti-establishments’ as well
– The War on Terror and its Arab proxies
Pawn Warfare: The Western left and the Arab revolutions or How Western establishments put their opponents ‘revolutionary consciousness’  to the ideological sword, and impaled them with it
– How the US was able to squirm out of the democracy-demanding (“bluff-calling”) Arab Spring – with the help of the unlikely allies of the statist left

– Talibanitis: How the combined forces of Left and Right rehabilitated a 21st century regime of national socialism
– On the Siege of Yarmouk and the PSC’s (irony-immune) ‘both sides’ onus: The unadulterated hypocrisy of Syria’s moral equivalencing and the activist killing of Desmond Tutu (‘if you are neutral in situations of injustice then you have chosen the side of wisdom’)
– How parts of the Western left might have (inadvertently and ‘advertently’) allowed the rise of ISIS to facilitate the beating up of political Islam, unaware of its further implications (simplistic ‘Islam’ vs ‘political Islam’ dichotomy)

– “Wahabbi, Jihadi, Takfiri” – I wish this was the Daily Mail: We once had to face mainstream media, now we have to fend off its ‘alternatives’ as well
– Is the only good Muslim, a secular Muslim?
– Iran in, Saudi out: How US rapprochement with Iran extends far beyond nuclear deal, and how Iranian mouthpieces are desperately trying to deflect attention [“Iranian Hasbara”?]

Random Thoughts:
– The US policy in Syria has been manifestly anti (mainstream) “Islamism”, before being anti-Assad or anti-ISIS (and yet, Syria’s opposition would not have been backed even if it were secular)
– Failure to stand up to the ‘moderate’ tag costly – same as the disparaging ‘commie’ tag for those fighting Franco
– For many in the left, conclusions of overlaps in populism: if you cant get socialism, national-socialism is apt
– Interesting observation: correlation of statement that people who tend to say ‘well we don’t know what’s happening in Syria’ are generally the ones making generic statements about what’s happening there in Syria
– Where the (status quo) Arab bourgeoise and Western Left converge
– “Wahabbi” is the new Sunni; “Islamist” is the new terrorist
– Muslims: don’t let ISIS and media-fuelled Islamophobia silence you from opposing Assad, and don’t let the “militant secularists” get away with rehabilitating him (and put the blame on politically-identifying Muslims)
– Can you imagine if Bashar was an “Islamic” (i.e “Islamist”) ruler?

– When’s a social uprising not a social uprising? When Islam plays a role (also, when’s a disadvantaged uprising not a disadvantaged uprising? When proclaimed leftists are in power)
– Blocked from weapons, abandoned to ISIS, bombed by our “allies”, and yet somehow we’re “puppets”: The curious case of the Syrian ‘rebels’

Happy to help with sources, references etc. if requested 🙂

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