FB paste | Hezbollah and Ahmad Chalabi

Anyone who knows about the invasion of Iraq will know about this man, Ahmad Chalabi.

Ahmad Chalabi was arguably the single most important Iraqi architect of the US invasion in 2003. He was the main face that the US used as a local ‘voice’ for the occupation. His fame is particularly for being the main ‘contact’ who provided the (false) information of Iraqi WMDs and ties to 9/11 in the leadup to the invasion. He was a close friend of neocons like Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowtiz, etc and became minister in the US-occupied transitional government. He was even the subject of a book with the title: ‘The Man Who Pushed America to War’. For those who don’t know him you can familiarise yourselves more about him here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahmed_Chalabi

This is him at a conference in Beirut held by Hezbollah in 2011, where without an iota of embarrassment he repeats the Syrian government’s line of the protests happening at the time as ‘those who seek help from external parties’ – without a single hint of shame. His audacity being beyond surreal, he is attacked by an Egyptian present at the audience who says ‘you came on the back of American tanks and you dare to talk?’ before being kicked out.

Of course it is always those who actually have long history of complicity with the US that project this tarring accusation against their opponents, whether Mubarak and Sisi in Egypt, Abdullah in Saudi, Bashar in Syria, or Iran in general (which facilitated the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq). Israel has routinely done the same thing by projecting accusations of the crimes it commits onto the people who suffer it. It is rule 101 of effective propaganda strategy.

Syria’s revealed a lot of things about a lot of people. This is what it has revealed about Hezbollah:

Hezbollah – against American intervention, except when it suits them or empowers their sect elsewhere.

Hezbollah – with presidential “legitimacy”, and against rebellion against such legitimacy (Syria) – except when its from another sect (Yemen).

Hezbollah – for protecting sovereignty and against external intervention, even when requested by a ‘legitimate’ president (Yemen) – but for trampling sovereignty and for external intervention, when asked for by another ‘legitimate’ president (but from the same sect) (Syria)

Hezbollah – for struggling Palestinians – except when the Palestinians struggling are starving in Yarmouk and Dara’a refugee camps, they won’t even pressure the government (who with Iran they essentially control) to lift those sieges.

This is for the fools in the scabbing selective-solidarity (faux) ‘left’ who think that they will be more pro-Palestinian than us – or more importantly the Palestinian refugees in Syria suffering at the direct hands of Hezbollah and Iran (Assad’s just a proxy).

This is for those who still have delusions of Hezbollah being an anti-imperialist or non-sectarian force.



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