An (ever-expanding) list of people that the self-misnamed “anti-war” movement should support: The terminus of “headline politics”

The below is just a short list of examples I’ve recently come across, and is what happens when your politics isn’t based on what ‘those people’ on the ground are saying (because we can’t ostensibly ‘verify’ them but apparently we can verify the ‘analyses’ and opinions of people thousands of miles away) and rather on sensationalist self-centred headlines.

People the anti-war movement should support (that they currently don’t):

1) Abdel Fattah El-Sisi – for having US military aid cut off

2) The Myanmaran Regime – for being ‘warned’ by the US for its treatment of Rohingya–obama-warns-myanmar-about-rohingya-muslims

3) Israel – for treating Hamas’s soldiers in its hospitals (meaning that Hamas has to be opposed due to disgusting pro-Zionist betrayal; ergo support Israel) – Pay attention Asa Winstanley!

4) Saudi Arabia, for US pressure and meeting with enemies

(Updated) 5) Those fighting against the Kurds, because apparently the Kurds are being supported by US Iraq-war veterans! (Strange that that’s hardly mentioned by the “anti-imperialist” obsessed Stalinists, while if it was Americans fighting on the side of the opposition there would be uproar – wouldn’t have anything to do with the Kurds being socialist entitling them to different standards would it?)

List will be expanded from now on with every idiotic superficially-based hypothetical conclusion that I now come across.


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