[FB post] Western Assadists and leftist neo-cons

Love those Western pro-Syrian government forum idiots who after having an hour or so of a Wikipedia session pretentiously itch to splurt their ‘DONT YOU KNOW AMERICA TRAINED BIN LADEN IN THE 80s’ or ‘DONT YOU KNOW WHAT AMERICA DID IN IRAQ’, as if the people who support the Syrian resistance were against the Iraqi one or pro the US invasion in 2003. These smug idiots don’t actually study the current situation they seek to speculate about so assuredly and instead generalise the experience of entirely seperate conflicts on the current one, thinking that they can ‘guess’ what’s happening because they see some form of American involvement as a constant (which will obviously be the case as the fucking superpower of the world – but they don’t actually study how the characteristics of the involvement differ). The funniest thing actually is how those idiots (represented on an institutional level by groups such as ‘Stop the War’ – or Stop a War only where we can feel good about ourselves) supported the Iraqi resistance (which also included Al-Qaeda) as ‘heroic freedom fighters’, whilst opposed the currently simultaneous Syrian one as ‘brutal jihadis’. Oh that’s another thing – that Iraqi resistance they supported just a few years ago – yeah no they’re all terrorists and terrorist sympathisers now, funnily enough (or they’ve disappeared).

Alternatively, another reading is that Maliki has been sectarian and exclusionary in Iraq, unlike Assad in Syria, who has been an angel by comparison. I mean who in their right mind (even those who support Assad as a supposed ‘lesser evil’ – i.e. not those who are completely brainwiped) will think that Assad has alienated less people than Maliki, or that Assad has done worse than Maliki? (not that you should compare different types of crap). Ah but you know the difference, Maliki was ‘directly’ put there by the US, Assad wasn’t (regardless of course that the Syrian faction of the Baa’th party was one that constantly compromised and negotiated with imperialism since the rightist coup of Assad Snr in 1970 – from fighting against the Palestinians and Leftists in Lebanon, from joining the US in its coalition against Iraq in 1990, from torturing Bush’s War on Terror prisoners during the 2000s, from stating that it was willing to sell out Hamas in secret negotiations with the US in 2010, etc.). The Iraqis claimed that this was part of the reason for the split between the Iraqi and Syrian branches of the Baa’th, where the Iraqis essentially saw the Assadist Ba’ath as sell-outs (not that that made the Iraqis ‘good’).

And the greatest thing is that they don’t see any of those contradictions – when they faced off with neo-cons during Iraq who used the same ‘Jihadi’ language they would go and say ‘they’re resistance fighters’, ‘Al-Qaeda are just a part’ or ‘the situation has produced them’, or in other words apply some sort of contextual understanding, but when it comes to Syria these pseudo-anti imperialists metamoprhise into essentially leftist neo-cons: The entire resistance is essentially ‘brutal Jihadis’ who have dropped out of the sky. Funniest thing is that the Syrian resistance and Iraqi ones are very closely tied, a fact which ISIS has undoubtedly exploited.


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