“George Galloway, Hypocrite Extraordinaire” – Absolutely brilliant – via Radio Free Syria

George Galloway, Hypocrite Extraordinaire – Posted from ‘Radio Free Syria’ (https://www.facebook.com/RadioFreeSyria/photos/a.382885705129976.91927.363889943696219/741624515922758)

27-11-2014: ‘George Galloway MP has excelled himself once again, using police shooting of teenagers in the USA, the Grand Jury verdict in Ferguson Missouri and the subsequent US-wide protests to make a witty quip on behalf of Bashar al Assad.

Galloway took to Facebook to ask, “Shouldn’t the UN establish a ” no fly zone” over Ferguson MO? The regime is gunning down its own people…” poking fun at calls for any no-fly zone to protect the remaining Syrian people. George, as we’re well aware, shares Washington’s disdain for this idea and indeed for the Syrian people other than Bashar al Assad.

While the families of the American children killed by US police and those of the 300,000 Syrians and Palestinians slaughtered to date in Assad’s Nakba may not yet have had a chance to access George’s Facebook page, we’re sure much hilarity will ensue at George’s customary rapier wit and now-standard show of support for genocidal dictatorship. The remaining Palestinian diaspora in Syria, who George once claimed to support oh-so-long ago (see 2010 photograph), will surely clutch their sides in merriment – and the laughter may take their minds of the hunger pangs under regime bombardment and siege.

Apart from confirming George Galloway’s status as an insightful contemporary commenter on a par with Alex Jones, Nick Griffin and David Icke, his latest drollery raises more than a few questions, of course. Such as…

Since George Galloway customarily defends those leaderships which shoot down, as well as bomb, starve and torture innocent citizens in their own nations, why has he claimed to object to police violence in the US’ case?

Why does the Auld Fraud support US protesters’ version of events rather than insisting that the government authorities must be the only credible source of truth, as in Syria?

Why is the Diddie of Dundee not smearing the victims of US police shootings as ‘terrorists’ and ‘cannibal savages’ in the same way as he does those children, women and men slaughtered by Assad’s warplanes, helicopter gunships, missiles, etc since he views the situations as identical?

Why is Gorgeous George not rallying to the support of the police department in Ferguson and the jury which pardoned Michael Brown’s and other US teenagers’ killers as he enthusiastically defends Assad’s authorities in the torture, maiming and slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Syrian children?

Why does Gasbag Galloway not call for US authorities to deploy warplanes, helicopter gunships, ballistic missiles, etc and impose siege and mass starvation, the government reaction he believes to be suitable and proportionate for suppressing any public dissent with the leadership in non-Western nations?

These are but trifling questions of the selectively anti-imperialist titan, and of course we wouldn’t dream of suggesting that George Galloway is a massively hypocritical, morally bankrupt old fraud and consummate politician, who slickly exploits the cause of Palestinian freedom (dependent on the Palestinians’ geographic location) for pseudo-radical political kudos and to make extremely large amounts of money. We’re sure that he remains deafeningly silent on the ongoing starvation, bombing and torture of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in Syria and Iraq who he previously used when expedient simply because, well, he hasn’t heard the news. After all, he’s very busy what with his appearances on Press TV, Big Brother and anywhere else he can make money. And ramming one’s nose simultaneously up various dictators’ and totalitarian leaders’ backsides as and when they pay well is surely a time-consuming career, as George’s fellow Scots beacon of humanitarian compassion Tony Blair can also attest. .
We are also absolutely positive that remarkably quickly hushed-up reports from some of George’s former Palestinian associates alleging large-scale tax fraud and ‘missing funds’ from his selfless charity work for Gaza must be scurrilous rumour. Indeed, George is as true an anti-Zionist hero as Bashar al Assad and his father.

Photograph: Galloway pictured n 2010 with Sheikh Muhammad Abu Tohei, a Syrian-Palestinian born and raised in the Ramel al Ghanoubi refugee camp in Latakia, and the local representative of the Hamas movement for the Syrian coastal area.
Sheikh Abu Tohei was arrested in April 2012 by Assad’s forces and subsequently died under torture in a regime prison. Galloway said nothing, as usual, having remained silent about the Assad regme’s ongoing, torture, persecution, dispossession and slaughter of Palestinians as well as Syrians, except to condemn all opposition to the Assad regime as ‘terrorism,’ using identical terms to those deployed by Israel.’

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