[Raw FB thoughts: On Western pro-Assadism]

The amount of fascist pro-Assad rhetoric on various Western fora (websites, news articles of regime abuses, videos etc.) since the rise of ISIS (and probably before but noticeably since then) by Western ‘commenters’ is just disgusting, and the Left which has not only failed to set the record straight on this (and *at best* not even tried to) and abandoned solidarity with Syria is absolutely complicit in this. They show a few trends:

– Ideological cowardice: In other words when the Arab revolutions faced difficulties and were inevitably transformed in nature due to the sheer depravity and brutality of the states’ response to it they all jumped ship after initially praising the shit out of ‘all those brave youth’ at the beginning, the cowardice in that when a regime’s been able to survive through sheer horror they look at the rise of extremists on the other side (which is completely predictable *and has been predicted for three years by Syria’s revolutionaries who these idiots now call ‘the same as ISIS’*) rather than the source of the problem.

– Orientalism, summarised in the following equation: Burn an entire country; shell, gas, barrel-bomb entire cities killing thousands of civilians and creating Gaza-like scenes; rape thousands of women, torture to death thousands more in your dungeons, snipe directly 5000+ civilians (with admission that civilians that remain in rebel areas are ‘the same as the rebels’), but do all this in a suit and clean-shaven (secular) = GOOD

Appear on the scene 2 years after this, kidnaps and kill revolution activists, kill thousands (overhwhelmingly *other Sunni rebels*), behead some people (attention starts when its Westerners, no attention to rebels crucified months before that), and have incomparable civilian casualties compared to above, but do all this with beards and ‘religious’ rhetoric = BAD.

– Western Narcissm: Its all about ‘us’ and getting ‘us’ involved, often with a ‘wiseass’ perceived understanding of Western duplicity (which is very basic in nature and which they probably only started to ‘figure out’ a few years into Iraq) usually with a sprinkling of foreign words which gave a sense of self-awareness, ‘Jihadi’ and ‘Sharia’ say.

– Identity Politics: If my country says something ‘interventionist’ with regards to foreign policy, I must oppose it – no no, I won’t examine the actual actions (beyond rhetoric), the actual policies (such as at various points stopping weapons going to supposed allies to maintain ‘balance’) or risk approaching any conclusion which might imply that the West does not really want regime change (but rather a continual war of attrition made possibly by very limited support, generally through proxies, to one side). Because it always does (um Iraq hello). If I try to imply that the West’s intervention is possibly ‘passive’ rather than active, then I am an imperialist stooge. I must always be against what my government is claiming, and when it comes to foreign policy, what its claiming at face surface.

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