[Archive] On the abuse of female protesters in Egypt

Everyday in Egypt, women students are getting the shit beaten out of them for striking from sitting for exams, whether takes manifests with a woman being dragged a few floors by her hair to be forced to go to the exam hall, to being dragged on the street by police, or to being ‘disciplined’ and ‘taught how she should have been raised’ by university security forces. Woman are being beaten up explicitly in front of everybody’s eyesights, are sexually assaulted (one police officer recently caught on camera saying if any of you get arrested you won’t get out except pregnant) and endure other forms of abuse in an epidemic which we never used to see so out-in-the-open before (i.e. before women who were abused were generally done so behind closed doors)

What I am really shocked about however, is the almost complete absence of feminist organisational coverage in the West about the abuse Egyptian women are going through daily here. Is this not one of the most pertinent examples of organised, systematic abuse of women in the Middle East, a region of well known interest to feminist organisations in questions of rights and civil liberties for women, that should place it at the forefront – or if not – at least on some level of importance the coverage of these organisations? Or is it that a lot of these women getting abused are veiled and conservative and aren’t demanded to be liberated from their shackles that they’re just not as newsworthy anymore?

What about Syrian women, who have been routinely getting raped and gang-raped by Syrian government soldiers and militias? Where’s their miniscule coverage?

Meanwhile what I am less shocked about, is the total lack of coverage of this epidemic from the coverage of ‘liberal’ Egyptian human rights organisations, foundations and institutes. This doesn’t fit into their elite Westernised agenda of how oppressive conservative society treats them (which of course is often true, not what i’m arguing). They have their own little club of ‘prioritised’ concerns.

Some videos of Egyptian women being beaten up and abused:


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